Chapter 8 – Planning the first date and maximizing your chances of going all the way

Planning the first date and maximizing your chances of going all the wayUnlike with typical dating, when you’re going on a first date with a woman you’ve met on a sex buddy site, you can expect to seal the deal. If you don’t have sex on the first date, you’re not sex dating, you’re just dating. Sure, once in a great while, this might not be the case, but overwhelmingly, women that are interested in no strings dating expect to have sex when you meet for the first time.

Planning the first date to maximize your chances of getting laid is a critical component to successful sex dating. I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know in order to ensure that most of your first dates end in hot sex. It’s easier than you might think.

Dress for Success

When you’re getting ready to meet a new sex buddy for the first time, you’ve got to prepare for it in much the same way you’d prepare for a job interview. First impressions matter, and most guys know that you’ve got to look the part if you want to be considered as a serious contender. If you were getting ready for a job interview, you probably wouldn’t throw on a ratty pair of sweats. Heck, you’re probably not even going to show up dressed in business casual. You’d pull out the big guns and put on a nice suit and save the khakis and polo shirts for after you’d landed the gig and felt secure in your role. When you’re meeting a woman, the role you’re hoping to fulfill is the guy she wants to have sex with that night. Dress the part. Don’t show up looking like a slob. Pull together a nice looking outfit. If you’re not sure what women find sexy, look up heartthrob movie stars online and see how they’re dressing. Heck, go shopping and tell the salesman that you’re going on a first date and want to dress to impress. At most of the better department stores, the salespeople are trained to be able to pull together a great looking outfit.

Flirt With Her

If you want to get laid, you’ve got to get her in the mood. Flirting starts with your demeanor. No woman is turned on by a guy who shows up looking nervous or sullen, so you need to project confidence and act like you’re happy to be there. Smile. Make conversation. And don’t be afraid to touch her while you talk. I’m not talking about copping a feel in public, just light, easy physical contact. Start by leaning in close. Touch her arm or hand. Let your knee brush up against hers under the table. You’ll know she’s into it if she leans in closer, returns your touches, and gets more flirtatious.

Timing Is Everything

If you’re trying to decide how long to spend talking before you extend an invitation to go somewhere more private, usually half an hour to an hour is plenty. If you spend less than half an hour talking with her over drinks, you’ll scare her away. Women need to feel safe before they want to get physical. Let her feel like she’s gotten to know you before you expect her to be alone with you. Any more than an hour, though, and your chances actually go down. Start to wrap things up at the bar before she has a chance to drink too much or get tired, or the sex will be lackluster, if it happens at all.

Pick Your Meeting Place Carefully

Believe it or not, choosing the right location for your first date is the most important factor in whether or not you’re going to end up in bed at the end of the night. Ambience and proximity matter. If you take her to a noisy sports bar, you’re not exactly setting a sexy vibe. Take her to a quiet bar that allows for conversation and sets the right tone. Even more important than the ambience of the bar is its proximity to either your place or hers. This will allow you to easily transition from a public place to a more private setting, unless you’re planning to shell out the money for a hotel room, and why would you if you can get it on for free? When you’re ready to make your move, it will be seamless if you’re just a few minutes away from wherever you’re planning to go for sex.

Taking the time to plan ahead will save you from all kinds of sex dating hassles. Following these steps will put you in the best possible position to get lucky on your first date, and every one thereafter. If you want to play the game, you’ve got to have a strategy.

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