Chapter 6 – Spotting the Right Type of Women to Have an Open Relationship With

Spotting the Right Type of Women to Have an Open Relationship WithThere are all types of women online that claim to be looking for open relationships. This does not mean that they are all women you’d want to get mixed up with. Remember, just because you’re looking for sex, not love, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for whatever comes your way! In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster, and a surefire way to ensure that your sex dating experience is miserable. While it is important to know how to spot con artists and fakes, it is equally important to know how to spot the women you want to get involved with.

1 – Miserably Married
Married women looking for affairs are usually a great way to go for men looking for open relationships. These women are usually horny and sex starved, so they’re great in bed. Plus, they’re going to be busy with their own lives, so she probably won’t become an energy vampire, texting and calling you at all hours, demanding more of your time than you want to give.

2 – Confident, High-Powered, with a Fulfilling Life
The women who fall into this category run the gamut from young grad students with demanding class loads to older, high-powered career women. Read profiles carefully. When you spot the ones that talk about how busy and fulfilling their lives are, jump on them! They prefer sex dating because they don’t have the time or inclination for a relationship beyond being sex buddies. Because they have school or careers, lots of hobbies, and tons of friends, they’re less likely to screw everything up by falling in love with you and deciding they really want to get married and have babies. You’ll get the hot sex without any of the hassle.

3 – Get Your Sugar from a Sugar Baby
If you’re an older guy, you no doubt have fantasies about banging sexy younger women. A young, firm body and youthful face is hot, and it’s probably been a long time since you’ve had that in bed. Well, guess what? There are a whole lot of younger women out there looking for sugar daddies! If you’re looking for an open relationship, you may as well get exactly what you want. One advantage to sugar babies is that most of them are fairly naïve, so you can tell them what they want to hear, and they’ll eat it up with a spoon. They’re eager to please, desperate for approval, and usually won’t question your authority. This means that you call the shots, and the relationship will take the course you set. And when you call the shots, you’re going to be happy with the outcome.
4 – But Don’t Rule Out the Cougars
While there are great advantages to choosing sugar babies for older men, for you younger guys, don’t rule out the cougars. There are a lot of reasons you should keep an open mind about open relationships with older women. Most importantly, the sex itself. Older women have been around the block. They know what they’re doing in bed, and you may very well be in for sex that is a million times more mind blowing than what you’ve experienced with girls your age. They can also help you improve your technique (which will help when you’re with younger women, too!) because they know exactly what they want and they’re not shy about telling you what to do to pleasure them. You also need to remember that women and men reach their sexual prime at different ages, so you’ll be more equally matched on the libido front. Cougars are typically voracious in bed, and they’ll be ready and willing to go all night long. Almost every guy I’ve ever encountered has had their mind blown when they had their first sex buddy experience with an older woman.

The Right Type of Women Make Sex Dating Everything It Should Be

You’re interested in open relationships and sex dating because you want to avoid drama and hassle. You want the fun without the drag of a romantic relationship. But if you choose the wrong women, you’ll end up just as miserable as you would be in a typical relationship. By making sure that you’re choosing the right types of women for sex buddies, you’ll ensure that you get the experiences you want and deserve. Hot sex, tons of fun, and zero drama. Take the time to seek out these women, and if you find yourself involved with the wrong kind, run like hell. You’ll soon know exactly what you’re looking for and how to get it, and you’ll finally be getting the type of sexual variety and fulfilment you’ve always dreamed of, but didn’t think was possible. The right type of women, like those described above, make sex dating everything it should be. So choose wisely.

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