Chapter 4 – Choosing the Right Sex Buddy Site Profile Picture

Choosing the Right Sex Buddy Site Profile PictureI hear from men all the time who tell me that they aren’t getting laid on sex buddy sites, despite having a killer profile and spending a lot of time and care on crafting the perfect first contact messages. When I ask them why they think this is, nine times out of ten, the guys say that they think they’re just not attractive enough. Before I’ve even seen a picture of the dude, I can tell them with nearly 100% certainty that this is not the case. You don’t have to be a stud. Nearly any guy can get laid on the right sex buddy dating sites.

Using Profile Pictures that Appeal to Women’s Superficiality

Yes, women are superficial. They are every bit as superficial as men when it comes to selecting sex partners, despite their protests that they’re not! You might be saying to yourself, “But you just told me that you don’t have to be a stud to get laid, and now you’re telling me that women are superficial! Which is it?” It’s both, my friend. I said that women are every bit as superficial as men, but I did not say that they are superficial in the same ways. There’s a huge difference in what women and men look for when they’re trying to find an open relationship.

We all know what guys are looking for. You want a chick with a hot body and a pretty face. What guy doesn’t? But women aren’t necessarily hung up on their sex buddies being exceedingly handsome or having the best gym body. So let’s cut to the chase and reveal the real reason you’re not having any luck with online sex dating.

You’re Using the Wrong Profile Pictures

When guys tell me they’re too ugly to get laid, I ask to see the profile pictures they’re using. Inevitably, when I get the pictures, I have the answer to why they’re not hooking up, and it isn’t their looks! In order to make good decisions about your profile pictures, you have to understand what women are looking for.

• Excellent hygiene and grooming
• Sharply dressed
• Smiling, friendly face
• Confident
• Knows how to have fun

There is never, ever an exception to this rule. You will never meet a woman, read her this list, and have her say that one of those things isn’t attractive to her. So your profile pictures should reflect all of these things. If they don’t, you now know why you’re not finding sex buddies. Update those pictures, stat.

Make sure your hair looks good, any facial hair you might have is neatly groomed, and that you don’t have grimy fingernails or stains on your clothing. You might not even notice your fingernails, but if you’re sipping a soda and you’ve got a line of dirt under your thumbnail, every woman who sees that picture will notice it and be turned off. You should also be dressed to impress. Women get hot and bothered by a man in a tux or a great suit, so if you’ve got one, flaunt it. It’s also okay to have pictures where you’re dressed casually, as long as your casual wear isn’t sloppy and it’s fashionable. This means no freebie radio station t-shirts or a polo shirt with your company logo that fit you before you lost thirty pounds.
Use a picture that is clear and in focus. Look at the camera and smile. Portray confidence by sitting or standing up straight, and open body language. These things make you look friend and approachable to women. They are more likely to feel like you’re trustworthy, too, which means they’re much more likely to go to bed with you. Women don’t want to have sex with a stranger unless they feel confident that the guy isn’t going to turn out to be creepy or dangerous.

Women also think men are hot when they’re fun loving, having hobbies, and look like they have an interesting life. No matter what kind of guy you are, you can portray this in your pictures. Travel photos, outdoor adventures like river rafting, surfing, bicycling, sports shots, and pictures with your dog are all great bets. Just let her have a glimpse of how you have fun.

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Profile Pictures

• Crotch Shots
• Can’t Tell What They Look Like
• Group Pics
• Sloppy
• Don’t Show Personality

When you look through men’s profile pictures on any sex buddy site, you’ll see hundreds of crotch shots. Men think that just because a woman is looking for casual sex, whipping out their dick on the internet is a good way to get their attention. This is a terrible approach, and it all but guarantees that you’ll never meet anyone. Women think this is crass and disgusting behavior, the opposite of sexy. So keep your junk in your pants until she’s unzipping your fly.

You’ll also want to avoid using pictures that are blurry, out of focus, or too far away for a woman to get a good feel for what you really look like. If she can’t see your face clearly, she can’t tell if you’re her type, and she isn’t likely to contact you. Group pictures are out of the question on sex dating sites. Women want to see you, not your friends and family. Plus, how many of those people would be thrilled to know that their face shows up in your sex dating profile? Just don’t do it. Save them for your Facebook page. As covered above, appearance matters, so don’t ever use pictures that make you look sloppy. No ratty tees and sweatpants. No disheveled hair or three days in between shaving shots. If your pictures don’t show personality, you’ll look boring and dull. That means you need to stay out of the JC Penney photo studios and take your pictures in your natural habitat.

With the right profile pictures, you’ll have no trouble attracting women. There will always be men more handsome than you. Even celebrities face that reality. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you know what women really find attractive, you have a huge advantage over 99% of your competition.

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