Chapter 1: Learn to Avoid Common Sex Buddy Dating Scams

Learn to Avoid Common Sex Buddy Dating ScamsThe internet is one of the best things to ever happen for sex buddy dating, but only if you know how to avoid the perils and pitfalls. Before you ever start looking for hookups online, you should know that over 90% of all websites for people interested in casual sex dating and open relationships are scams. By scams, I mean that guys like you start forking over their money for a monthly membership fee that never actually helps them meet women to get laid! These sites make big promises, and when you look through the supposed profiles of horny women looking for no strings sex, you’ll think you’ve struck gold, but you’ll never get a thing from these operations except a charge on your credit card statement.

In order to be successful at finding sex buddies online, you’ve got to stick with the legit sites that have proven track records for delivering what they promise. This list includes all of the safest and most trustworthy sex buddy sites on the web. Stick with these sites, and you’ll be scoring with beautiful women in no time.

The Top Four Most Trusted Sex Buddy Dating Sites

These sites do a fantastic job of offering their members a safe place to find no-strings sex, but sometimes a scam artist will slip through the cracks. If you’re new to finding open relationships online, this can sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few angles that these con artists work over and over again, and they never change it up all that much, because they don’t have to! There are always plenty of naïve guys taking the bait. Don’t be one of them. Study up on these common scams, and you’ll never fall victim to them. Once you’re in the know, these jerks will be nothing more than a minor annoyance to you.

The Too Good to Be True Profile Picture

Every guy fantasizes about banging a perfect 10. But unless you’re either the next Hugh Hefner or look like you just walked off the runway at a men’s fashion show, it’s probably not gonna happen. You can get pretty women, even beautiful women, but not perfect 10s. It just doesn’t happen. It’s the law of supply and demand. And when you see pictures of women on sex dating sites that look too good to be true, remind yourself of this. Women that gorgeous do not have to join sex dating sites. Men follow them down the street begging. These pictures are almost always stolen photos of porn stars or models, and there is no real woman. On scam sites, they are sometimes just dead links. You write to the “woman” in the profile and never hear a word back from her. On other sites, they usually redirect you to web cam girl sites where you can pay to watch a girl get naked while you jerk off at home alone. As usual.

Send Me Your Money, Honey

If you start communicating with a woman on a sex buddy site and at any point she asks you for money, cut communication immediately. The stories vary somewhat, but usually she lives somewhere other than where you are and is dying to come visit you for a sex marathon weekend. It really doesn’t matter what she says she needs the money for, this isn’t how sex dating works. These scam artists only want one thing from you, and it isn’t sex. Wire them money and they vanish without a trace.

She Only Cares About Your Pleasure

Let’s say you’re reading through profiles, and you come across the woman who sounds like the perfect sex buddy. She’s eager to meet for sex, and even better than that, she’s all about pleasuring her partner. In fact, she doesn’t even mention anything about what she is hoping to get from these encounters. It’s all about how good she wants to make you feel, the things she can’t wait to do to you, and how skilled she is at pleasing men. This is a sure sign that the woman you’re dealing with is a prostitute. Escort services and street hookers alike sign up for casual sex dating sites to put up profiles like this. Why? Because it works. A lot of horny, desperate men will pony up the money to get laid. Don’t be one of them. There are hundreds of thousands of women looking for open relationships, and none of them expect to get paid for sex.

Now that you know everything there is to know about keeping yourself safe from scams, you are ready to get started! Read on to find out what you need to do once you join a few legit sex buddy sites. By the time you’ve studied the next nine steps and committed them to memory, you’ll be ready to find open relationships with ease and confidence.

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