Why You Should Avoid Women That Take A Lot Of Selfies

Why-You-Should-Avoid-Women-That-Takes-A-Lot-Of-SelfiesIf you haven’t been under a rock the last 10 years you are familiar with the term selfie. It refers to the practice of using one’s cell phone to take a picture of yourself. People out and smile, give sexy looks and beef up the appearance with filters and effects. You can add frames, stickers and text to selfies and everyday there is a new app to help you take more selfies and do more fun stuff with them. With the rise of this strange image infatuation, there has been some studies conducted and the results are very good. It seems that women who take a lot of selfies have some rather unsavory personality traits.

An Ohio State University study showed that people who obsessively take and post selfies are more often narcissistic and self-obsessed. They also show more psychotic tendencies. Strangely enough, editing selfies was found to only be associated with narcissism and not psychopathy. Apparently this is because psychopathy is characterized by bursts of impulsive behavior and a distinct lack of empathy. Taking the time to edit photos just doesn’t fit. They take and post pics in seconds. Another study from UK’s University of Strathclyde showed selfie posting and taking was associated with poor body image.

The Amount Of Selfies Someone Takes Says A Lot About Them

Most people look at selfie taking as harmless fun. The truth is that there is real evidence that shows it is much more than that. Taking a lot of selfies does not mean a woman is a psychotic or narcissist but it does mean they have more of those traits than other people. See the research here. Maybe more than you really need to involve yourself with. The selfie phase has reached age groups across the board. While young people have taken it by storm, even older people have begun to use it. Hash tags like #selfie #Justme and #DoinMe are quickly becoming a social mantra. When a trend reaches those ramifications, it’s easy to see how traits may become more apparent.

Selfies Are A Sign Of Narcissism

Far from being empowering, selfies actually breed self-contempt and a bad body image. Women who constantly take and post selfies are more likely to spend hours on their appearance and put unnecessary focus on trivial matters. Things bother them that no one else cares about because it doesn’t matter. A woman who takes a lot of selfies may leave you waiting by the door for hours because her eyeliner wasn’t even and she had to do her whole face again. Or maybe she will make you take her all the way back home once you get the restaurant because she broke the heel on her shoe or her hem has a stray string dangling. This type of woman can easily take hundreds of selfies a day and spend hours editing them to perfection. What is important to her, is her.

Another downfall of compulsive selfie takers is insecurity. Time and again men have said how desperate a woman looks who is constantly posting photos of herself. Pics all over the house are ridiculous and desperate. Instead, men say they’d like to see pics of their girls having fun, out and about, visiting landmarks or just playing around. Too many phots of the same face with a different filter is just a cry for help. It means she craves attention and has no way to go about it other than placing herself on exhibition.

People Who Take Selfies Are Not Enjoying Moment

Women who take too many selfies also have trouble enjoying the moment. They can’t stop and smell the roses. They have no idea how to be in the now because they are already trying to brag about it and it hasn’t even ended. They are so busy trying to simultaneously pull a duck face (Funny Duck Face Photos) and line up a cool background that they miss what’s happening right in front of them. It’s hard to have a great time on your date when your girlfriend is playing on her phone the entire night. They also don’t know when to stop. They seem to have a deficit in the area of knowing when is the appropriate time to snap a selfie. Grandma’s funeral is not the right time, nor is during a shark attack, natural disaster or act of violence. Let people grieve, and live life.

One thing is for sure. A woman who takes tons of selfies is on her own mind a lot more than you are. Let her alone with her favorite person (herself) and venture out into the real world. Leave women like that alone in the cyber world where they feel most comfortable and adored. If you don’t believe me just ask her. She will be able to tell you exactly how many friends she has on each social network. Right down to the very last seconds approvals.

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