iPhone VS Android: What does it Say About Her Sex Life?

iPhone-VS-Android-What-does-it-Say-About-Her-Sex-LifeWhen you first meet a woman and know immediately that you’d like to date her, there is an unconscious rush to start leaning about her. You become much more interested in what her perfume smells like and the color of her eyes. Her clothing grabs your attention like it hadn’t before and small focal points such as jewelry, hand bag and cell phone all take on a different light. Her perfume smells musky and sexy. Her light blue eyes dance when she smiles and her low cut blouse imparts sexuality and confidence. You can safely assume her sex life is satisfying and she is control of her own domain. You gather all of this information and make an unconscious mental assumption about her sex life in only a few minutes. Of all the things you observe in those critical first few minutes, the type of cell phone she uses may be the most telling. iPhone VS Android: What does it say about her sex life?

iPhone Users Are Said To Have A Lot Of Sex

Buzzfeed exclusively published a study conducted by match.com which revealed that iphone folks have a lot of sex. More sex and Android users. However, the same study also showed that Android users had more satisfying sex. The study encompassed the sex lives of a little over 5000 singles in the U.S. with cell phones. It asked participants about their behavior and thoughts on dating and sex. Other questions included type of phone they own, their political affiliation and home town. Side note: the study showed Libertarians think about sex more than any other political group.

Android Users Are Said To Have More Orgasms

If the girl you have your eye on has an Android device you’re in for some good news. According to the Match.com study, she doesn’t have as much sex as some girls but she makes sure it’s good. She has more orgasms than her iPhone toting gal pals and she has a healthier appetite for sex than they do too. She is also much more liberal about sex. These types of girls are more fun loving and open. Even those who are super devoted to work and family have a wild streak when it comes to sexual activity. They have more threesomes and one night stands as well. More than a quarter of the survey participants admitted to group sex of some kind. More than 60% admitted to a one-night stand. Fifty-five percent of those surveyed say they orgasm 90 to 100% of the time they have sex as compared to a paltry 48% of iPhoners.

IPhone users have more sex than Android gals. That’s about all they can claim. They have a far more conservative outlook on sex and are far less adventuresome. Only 22% have had group sex at any point in their lives. Fifty-seven percent admitted to a one-night stand. Larger numbers of iPhone users have steady, continuous sex as opposed to only 51% of Android girls. Not much of an advantage but hey, you’ve got to look at the bright side. In answer to the question of if they wanted to have more sex in the coming year, 60% of iPhone users said they did, 65% of Android users admitted they did.

What Does It All Mean?

So how do you use all this information and what can it do for you? Basically nothing of use. It’s a fun little study and it may give a general idea of each phone users general sexual proclivities but no real value has presented itself here. There are many iPhone users who would trip the light fantastic all night long and leave you with a smile on your face in the morning, never to be seen again. There are also some tried and true prudes carrying an Android device around in their fanny packs. You can’t judge a lady by her cell phone (or a book by its cover) but you can use it as a general idea of what may be in store for you if things go well.

Since you can’t go around asking every potential date if you can have a peek at their cell phone, use this information as more of a guideline than a fact. Instead of focusing on her phone, focus on what she is saying and how your feeling. Pay attention to the things that make her laugh and how that makes you feel. Place your attention on her personality and lifestyle and how it meshes with yours to really get some insight on who she is. This study will provide great dinner conversation and a few funny one-liners and come-ons but won’t go too far in helping you make a connection. Use the study and others like for what it’s worth but use your own personality and good judgement to find someone to spend a little one on one time with.

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