Why Women Like To Cuddle After Sex

Why-Women-Like-To-Cuddle-After-SexMost men who have had a few partners have probably noticed that many of them have one thing in common: they have wanted to cuddle after sex. While it’s not true that all women want to cuddle, it does seem to be that the vast majority of women enjoy cuddling with their man after a good romp in the bedroom, even if they’re not in a relationship together.

But what is the source of this? Why does it seem like such a big deal to so many woman? Read to find out why so many women want to cuddle after sex.

It starts with hormones

After a woman has an orgasm, certain chemicals in her brain are released, including dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin. All of these chemicals work together to produce a happy high for a woman, and they can heavily influence the way a woman feels.

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her body releases oxytocin, better known as the “cuddle” hormone.Her feelings after feel more intense and she’ll probably feel more relaxed. Some women feel a stronger connection to their partner after oxytocin is released, which is usually caused by these more intense feelings.

When a woman has an orgasm, dopamine is released, giving her those feelings of elation, excitement and pleasure. The presence of these two chemicals can sometimes make women feel more attached to her partner or perhaps she’ll associate feelings of pleasure with you more often.

Interestingly, men are also susceptible to these two hormones as they are both released in men’s bodies as well. The difference often lies in the amount of testosterone in men’s bodies. It’s usually much higher than in women’s bodies. It might be that women with higher levels of testosterone are less likely to want to cuddle, but women with lower amount tend to want to cuddle.

Exhaustion and recharging

A half hour of sex, and we mean vigorous, changing-positions-every-few-minutes sex, can burn about 200 calories in men and women so it’s no wonder that she wants to collapse on your chest and cuddle for a little bit after sex.

Cuddling can definitely be attributed to exhaustion. After having one or more orgasms, a woman sometimes just needs a few minutes to relax and let herself feel pleasure. Since cuddling is usually in a collapsed state, she’ll probably feel at ease.

Time to talk

At this stage, some women also like to talk and engage their partner. This could be a good time to check in and see what she’s thinking about the sex. She might have a few ideas she’d like to try or maybe she’ll want to move it outside the bedroom. Don’t always assume she’ll want to talk about her feelings, You do have the power to steer the conversation back towards sex.

On the other hand, she might want to talk about more serious matters, such as the state of your relationship or where you think this is going.It’s up to you whether or not you want to go down this path at this exact moment, though shutting down the conversation entirely will instantly cool off your bed. If you’re not ready to discuss this or don’t want to at all, suggest another time and place, maybe drinks the next night.

If you and your partner are involved in a casual sex buddy relationship, it might be a good time to end it soon. While cuddling and talking are not always indicators that a woman wants a relationship or is developing stronger feelings for you, it certainly is a red flag in some cases. If you really think she’s starting to think of you two as more than just casual, it’s time to end it. It won’t be fair to her to lead her on, and you won’t want to deal with the drama. Break it off gently before anyone really gets hurt.

Round two, anyone?

Even if you don’t like cuddling, it might be a good way to charge up a woman for round two. She might look tired now, but give her a minute or two and she might get right back up again.

Remember, cuddling allows you two to enjoy a little more skin-on-skin contact, which can be pretty arousing.Take this time to Casually stroke and play with each other, and you might find yourself ready for the next round before you know it.

Remember, not all women are the same. SOme women want to cuddle; others will want you to leave immediately after you have your orgasm. Now when a girlfriend, sex buddy or one night stand wants to cuddle, you’ll know why.

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