Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

Why-Sex-Is-Good-For-Your-HealthMost men don’t usually need a lot of convincing to have sex. They don’t need the data, the health statistics or the breakdown of why it feels so good. It just does, plain and simple. According to research from The Kinsey Institute, the average person has sex 118 days out of the year, nearly one third of the total year, so clearly people are leading very active and healthy sex lives.

What you might not know if that sex does so much more for your body than just release plenty of endorphins. In fact, sex is one of the more healthier activities you can do while lying down. Read on to learn why sex is so good for your health.

Keeps you looking younger

There’s no real way to turn back the clock on your age, but a regular sex life can dramatically improve your looks and keep you looking younger longer.

Most recently, Women’s Health Magazine released a study touting the anti-aging benefits of sex based on research from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland. In the study, a group of judges views thousands of people through a one-way mirror and tried their best to guess each person’s age. Those who had a steady sexual partner, or at least had sex four times a week, were consistently perceived to be seven to 12 years younger than they actually were. Imagine looking 40 when you’re actually 50!

In addition, sex usually plays a role in keeping you physically fit. The average half hour sexual encounter can burn about 240 calories in men and 180 in women, reports The Daily Mail. Imagine burning a few extra calories without ever setting foot in a gym.

It’s a stress-buster

When you have a big project at work or are feeling anxious about an upcoming marathon, the best way to chase away those stressful feelings is to hop in the sack and get busy. That’s right, sex is a stress-buster and has a wonderful way of getting rid of stress and inhibitions.

Professors at the University of Cincinnati were curious as to just how much sex and other pleasurable activities affected stress levels. They were not disappointed. Their research concluded that sex and eating comfort foods were the most effective in battling stress, creating highs that lasted on average for seven days.

So the next time you’re craving macaroni and cheese or fried chicken, reach for your phone and call your significant other, girlfriend or sex buddy for a little stress-busting fun.

Clears sinuses and nasal passages

Have you ever crawled into bed with a stuffy nose and come out with a cleared nasal passage? That’s because sex can actually help you breathe easier.

In addition to clearing a stuffy nose, sex is known to be a natural antihistamine. Allergy and hay fever sufferers have been known to experience a relief from symptoms after having sex.

Gives you a morning glow

Aside from all the benefits we’ve listed thus far, morning sex in particular can help you start your day out on a good note and give you what is usually referred to as the “natural glow

Morning sex releases a bunch of endorphins first thing in the morning, which does wonders for promoting healthy skin and hair. The higher levels of estrogen and testosterone in your blood have also been known to promote a youthful glow that extends a usual time span.

If you continue to have sex at least four times a week, you might help your skin and hair retain their youthful appearances longer than normally expected.

Actually makes you healthier

As cold and flu season slowly descends upon us, you might be looking for ways to beef up your immune system and keep your body fighting the good fight. what better way to do so than hopping into the sack a few times a week?

Sex releases IgA into your bloodstream. This antibody is one of the key fighters against infection and can help you stay healthier than your abstinent counterparts. If that’s not a good reason to get frisky, we don’t know what is!

Believe it or not, even orgasms have health benefits. Whether you’re going at it alone or with someone else, having an orgasm can help you sleep sounder and wake up with that healthy glow.

So the next time you’re planning on getting it on with your partner, just remember you’re doing far more for your body than just having fun.

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