Who has more sex, couples or sex buddies?

You want to know who has more sex, couples or sex buddies. You figure the only way to find out is to ask people in both types of situations. Your single friends usually say they had more sex when they were part of a couple. Your married friends tell you the single life is lit. You tend to believe whoever is in a situation that is different than yours. The grass is always greener effect. Whatever someone else is doing HAS to be better than what you are doing. Especially if you’re sex life is less than adequate. You can look to studies and research to find out the truth.

Research Shows Couples Have Better Sex Then Sex Buddies

The Journal of Sex Research recently released results of their study that showed not only do committed couples have better sex, they are also happier with their sex partners. Their survey included almost 400 people. Half of those interviewed were in traditional long-term relationships. The other half were dabbling in the sex buddy scenario. They asked them questions about their sex lives, including things like how rue to their partners they were, how often the have sex, their standard moves in bed, and how satisfied they were with the sex they were having.

One obvious factor that stood out was that those who preferred casual sex buddy flings had more sex partners throughout their lives than those who tended to have their sex in the confines of a relationship. What was surprising was that the number, 7 to 2, was so high. Those who claimed to stick to monogamy, however, reported more enjoyable sex throughout their lifetimes. While study authors point out there is no right or wrong way to have a relationship because it all depends on personal taste, they remind us that those who have committed to relationships report having more enjoyable sex.

Couples Have Better Sexual Communication

The theory researchers have attributed this factor to more open sexual communication between people who are committed. Monogamy allows people to feel comfortable with each other. Sex is not embarrassing or an unapproachable topic. They become comfortable with each other’s bodies and sexual preferences. They want to please each other and enjoy the conversation as much as the acts. They treat this process of getting to know each other’s sexual preferences as part of the act. Needs, desires, fantasies, boundaries and STI history are all common and ongoing topics within committed relationships.

Couples Use Fewer Condoms Than Sex Buddies

Another not so surprising factor that fling-havers far surpassed monogamists was in condom use. This one is a big no-brainer. With more than one sex partner, increased condom use is expected to deter the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Those who practice no-strings-attached random hookups as well as those who engaged in buddy sex both reported a significant amount of condom usage.

Couples Sex Can Get Stale

A fact that has come up in many studies on sex and marriage is that after many years together, sex dwindles in many cases. This does not, however, always correlate to a lesser enjoyable experience. Marrieds still report great sex if a bit less often than in last years. They are in tune with each other and able to tell when sex is a good idea. That helps to make the experience good every time. Marrieds look forward to sex with each other and the time they can spend together in erotic behavior. There are also plenty of studies that talk about the difference between married people and those who live together in monogamy. People who live together without being married report more sex than those who are married. This says a lot for the mindset of those with a government document. While cohabitators report more sex, they do not report better sex. Their reports of sexual satisfaction are less than married but not as low as single, sex buddy relationships.

The studies are all relatively the same and point to married sex as the best ever. Sex buddy relationships have their perks and advantages. There are many benefits to these types of relationships. The best reason to have one is simply because it fits your lifestyle and makes you happy. If it fits in your life well, you’ll have the best sex possible. Simple.

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