Positive Habits We Can Learn from Open Relationships

Positive Habits We Can Learn from Open RelationshipsOpen relationships have a lot of benefits over conventional relationships. Aside from the obvious benefits, there are a lot of positive habits that can come out of this type of relationship that you might not automatically of when you’re considering this type of arrangement. Most people in open relationships express that they feel like they’ve grown because of the experience in ways that change their lives for the better. Here are some of the positive habits you can gain through open relationships.
1 – Open Communication
Learning to communicate openly and clearly about your desires and expectations is probably the most important positive habit you’ll gain from an open relationship. In order for an open relationship to work well, it’s a must. You have to know from the beginning what you want from the relationship and how to talk about it. Both people have to be comfortable sharing their expectations about what each of them wants and needs from the arrangement. If the open relationship continues for any length of time, it’s likely that one or both people’s desires will change over time, and in order to navigate those changes in a way that works for everyone, you’ve got to keep talking to each other. Not only does that mean you’ve got to be willing to talk about what you want, you’ve got to remain open enough that the other person feels safe talking to you about what they want, too.
2 – A Strong Sense of Independence
Another positive thing that happens with open relationships is that they foster a strong sense of independence. All too often, people in conventional relationships become so codependent that they forget who they are. They rely on each other for everything from friendship to decision making. In an open relationship, both people maintain their sense of self. They are more likely to keep their own friends and hobbies, and to make decisions without the other person’s constant input. This leads to greater feelings of satisfaction with your life, and ensures that if/when the relationship ends, you won’t be stuck trying to figure out who you are and how to occupy your time. Not only does this independence not hurt an open relationship, it actually makes it better, because both people are happier and more fulfilled with other aspects of their life, so when they are together, they tend to be happier and more fun to be around.

3 – You Become a Less Jealous Person
If you have any tendencies towards jealousy (and most people do), an open relationship will push you to get over yourself on that front. This is a good thing because being jealous doesn’t feel good, and it rarely results in anything positive. All it usually accomplishes is causing arguments and resentment. Knowing from the beginning that both of you will be free to see other people is no guarantee that you won’t experience jealousy, but it will highly encourage you to move past it, rather than indulging the feeling.
4 – Acceptance of Your Natural Sexual Urges
It’s completely normal to desire multiple sexual urges. In a monogamous relationship, these urges are shut down. Well, the urges themselves don’t go away, but you are shamed out of acting on them. A lot of men in monogamous relationships go through life feeling guilty and wrong for wishing they could be with other women. In an open relationship, there’s no reason for misplaced guilt and shame. Both people have recognized the normalcy of having multiple sex partners, so you won’t have to shut down your natural impulses in order to satisfy dysfunctional societal norms. There’s also no need for sneaking around and worrying about getting caught, because it’s a given that you’re not going to be monogamous. When two people are having their sexual needs met with a wide variety of partners, the sex they have together tends to be better, too. It’s very rare to meet people in an open relationship who are dissatisfied with their sex lives. People in monogamous relationships can’t claim the same.
5 – The Open Relationship Model is the New Normal
As open relationships become more visible and mainstream, more and more people are seeing the psychological and physical benefits. What was once considered deviant behavior is now so commonplace that even forward thinking psychologists and sex therapists are beginning to consider the positive effects of such relationships. Studies have shown that far from being dysfunctional and immature, people in open relationships actually tend to have fewer dysfunctions and handle their issues in more mature, rational ways. These same studies have proven that on the whole, people in open relationships are happy, communicate well, and lead fulfilling, productive lives. As if the promise of more sex with a wider variety of partners wasn’t reason enough to consider an open relationship, now you have several more reasons for considering

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