What to Do If You Get Your Sex Buddy Pregnant?

Oh crap. Now what? You hope you never utter those words in a sex buddy situation but there is always that possibility. Perhaps it is your fault, or maybe hers. It could be someone you really like and have seen for a while or it could be a girl you found on Tinder. Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t ready for a child, it is a problem. Great Article – 14 signs you are not ready for kids. There are several courses of action you can take.

First Things First

The first thing to do if your sex buddy becomes pregnant is make sure that you are the father. Have any and all tests necessary to determine as much as you can about the pregnancy. Find out the date of conception and have any DNA tests possible as soon as you can. (How to tell if a baby is yours without a DNA test) Once you are sure the responsibility lays with you, you can go forward. Until then, you could be miring yourself in drama not of your own doing.

Consult the Host

The child in question is inside this woman’s body. She will have a big part of the decision on what is about to take place and you have to be in agreement. Assuming you do not want a child, hence the noncommittal sex agreement, you may be surprised to find she does. She may want to keep the baby. You will have to let her know that you do not and do not want to take any responsibility for the child, or whatever your feelings may be.

Stand Your Ground

Whatever you decide to do, whatever action you want to take; make sure to stick by it. This is not the time to be weak willed. You will need to take matters into your own hands and stand by your decision. Continually flip-flopping on your decision will only prolong a very painful and uncomfortable process. The downside to this is that you must spend a lot of time considering all aspects of the issue before you make a decision.

Be Supportive

Chances are, she is upset and surprised as you are. Most likely, she isn’t trying to cause you any problems and is looking for a way out as badly as you are. You best bet is to be supportive and kind. You two can help each other out of this mess and be better friends than you were when you started out. Show her that you are prepared to hold up your end of the issue and wont slack on your responsibilities.

Keep Quiet

Keeping things on the down low has always been part of the deal but it’s never been quite as important as it is now. This is especially true if either of you has another person in their lives sexually. Involving other people or being careless about others finding out will only complicate the matter tenfold. Strive to keep matters under wraps until everything is solved. Learn when to announce your pregnancy here

Go Through All Your Options

Your very first action if your sex buddy becomes pregnant is to go through all the options with her. Calmly discuss every different option you have and talk about how each of you feels about them. Working calmly together can help you come up with more solutions than just freaking out. Don’t expect it all to get done in one sitting either. Know from the start that it will take several conversations and a lot of thinking before you get through all the options available.

Keep an Open Mind

If your engaging in a sex buddy relationship, more than likely you are pretty open minded. You are willing to listen to less than conventional resolutions and consider their outcome. This is a really important part of finding a equally satisfying end to an unwanted pregnancy.

Realize You Have Rights

The ball isn’t completely in her court. You do have rights as a potential father and you are able to use those rights as you feel necessary. Make sure that if you want to take part in a child’s life, you have the means, ability and fortitude to do so.

Having an unwanted pregnancy is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Keep your head and make decisions calmly for the best outcome possible.

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