What The Music Your Sex Buddy Listens To Says About Her

What-The-Music-Your-Sex-Buddy-Listens-To-Says-About-HerMusic is a part of the human experience. It is a non-tangible object that means a great deal to many people. At the very least it is a way to affect the mood of all human beings on the planet. If your sad it can help mend your scuffed emotions and gain a little happiness. Music also makes good times better and helps us do everything better from sleeping to reading or working. Read how music effects your brain. It isn’t surprising that something so powerful can tell a lot about a person’s personality. Much study and research has been given to the power of music and the ways it affects our personalities. A person’s musical preference can tell you a lot about them including their political views. It is influenced by your parents tastes in music and most songs you fall in love with are emotionally attached to a major life event. The songs, groups and genres you enjoy in your 20’s most often remain the type of music that will always be your favorite.

Companies and brands even use music in their advertisements because the studies show it can lead people to spend more and drink more. Not only that but it can also influence you to act immorally or be kinder. Psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling believe their research proves musical taste tells definite truths about a person’s personality. Their theory is that after listening to a person’s top ten favorite songs, you can accurately predict variations of their personality. For example, people who enjoy complicated songs in the jazz or classical genres, are commonly of a high IQ and are creative.


People who enjoy the country music genre are most often hardworking, traditional types. The songs are usually heartbreaking and sad despite most of its listeners being outgoing, conventional Americans. Studies showed, however, that multiple regression analysis of forty-nine urban areas demonstrated the greater airtime allotted to country music, the larger the white suicide rate.


Pop lovers enjoy the newest and hottest thing to jump off the airwaves. Their jogging mix is compiled of songs from Rhianna, Fergie and Arianna Grande. What this says about them is they are extroverts with high self-esteem. They are also hard workers and honest but according to research, they can be uneasy a lot and are less creative than many people.


This may be the most misunderstood musical genre in the history of music. Most people think metal heads are aggressive and violent. What research actually suggests is they are more mentally stable than some other music lovers in other genres. They are more lazy and uncreative than many and have a lower level of self-esteem than many as well. They are introverts and tend to spend a lot of time alone because it’s hard to find a crowd that accepts them.

Rap/Hip Hop

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg may be your woman’s cup of tea. What does that say about her? Rap lovers tend too friendly, outgoing and have high self-esteem. While the media driven stereotype of rap music is violence and aggressive, the listeners are not, despite the often vulgar lyrics. They are trendy people who enjoy being in the know and feeling on top of current issues.


Indie music lovers revel in seeking out the independent artists and obscure bands with tiny cult followings. They are creative people who are intellectuals and somewhat introverted. They are less gentle and hard-working than lovers of other music genres. They live in passivity and anxiousness and have low self-esteem. They are most often liberals as well.


The fast paced, driving force behind dance music pleases its out-going and assertive listeners. While they are friendly and confident they lack gentleness and live life with more aggression and vigor. Dance music lovers are concerned with the here and now. They covet immediate gratification and live on the edge. They are less likely to make plans and more likely to just charge straight ahead with a spur of the moment idea.

Jazz & the Blues

People who enjoy Jazz and the blues are an unusual concoction. They are extroverted and highly creative, intelligent and confident. They have high self-esteem and feel fine spending time alone or in crowds.

While it is true that anyone can be attracted to someone despite their musical taste. It is also true that knowing how music can predict personality traits can be helpful. Music is so powerful there have been documented cases of addiction. People are so defensive about their musical choices because it means so much more to us subconsciously than we realize. We judge others on their music but we also define ourselves by our musical choices. It is a fascinating subject we have only just begun to learn about.

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