5 Ways to Turn Off Your Sex Buddy in Bed

A sex buddy relationship is different than any other in thing. There is one exception. Sex in a friendship becomes much like married sex after a while. It can become very mundane if you are going through the same old routine time after time. Despite the carefree level of commitment, it can get old. There are some moves that are so bad they will completely turn off your sex buddy in bed. They are simple things that you may not even realize you are guilty of doing. On the bright side, they are easy to fix. Here are the top five ways to turn off your sex buddy in bed. —> List Of Turn Offs For Girls

1. Turn Off Your Sex Buddy By Making Her Do All The Work

The whole idea behind a woman taking the top position is so that she can control the angle and depth of penetration. (Read How To Master It) Just like men, however, they want you to do more than just lay there. Use your hands and the motion of your hips to remind her your down there. A lot of guys underestimate the power of dirty talk too. Remind her how sexy she is and look her directly in the eye. Move around and whisper sweet nothings to her when she is on top to keep from turning off your sex buddy in bed.

2. Turn Off Your Sex Buddy By Staying To Far Away When You’re On Top

Being afraid to put to much weight on her is normal. The truth is that women love the feeling of a man’s body against them during sex. The pressure and the contact are both important parts of the erotic experience. Be careful not to squish her or create to much friction. She will let you know what feels good to her. Start lightly and work your way to harder pressure.

3. Turn Off Your Sex Buddy By Forgetting The Basics

Way to often we think some tricky maneuver is going to work better than the basic moves. This isn’t always the case. The key is to master the basic moves and make them your own. Perfect your kiss. Come up with a signature move as simple as the way you touch her. Hold her face. Caress her back. Missionary position does have to be boring. Use your imagination. Stay in the moment and don’t let your mind wander. Figure out what makes her tick and incorporate it into the basic positions to spice things up. Taking your time is important. Never rush when your trying to impress your sex buddy in bed.

4. Turn Off Your Sex Buddy By Imitating Something You Saw In A Porno

There may be nothing women hate more than a porn imitator. She may say she likes porn, but women do not like porn like men do. It is never as hot as it looked when you saw it. Most of the time it includes some ridiculous dialogue or convoluted position. Positions in those movies are for production purposes only. They are set up to make a great shot. They do not necessarily reflect how good it feels to the women. Remember, she’s acting, no matter how believable a performance. Fellas with less experience often make this huge mistake which never fails to turn off your sex buddy.

5. Turn Off Your Sex Buddy By Skipping Foreplay

This is probably the biggest mistake you can make with a sex buddy. Think about it. She is in it for the same reasons you are. She wants to have a good time. She wants to enjoy noncommittal sex. Women have the best sex when there is a lot of foreplay involved. They need it for stimulation. Never go straight for her genitals. Even if it’s a spontaneous coupling in the restaurant bathroom, you want to kiss and caress her as much as possible. This is another great instance for a little dirty talk.

These top five ways to turn off your sex buddy have easy fixes. It is all stuff you already know but sometimes let slip in the heat of passion. Your sex buddy may be in it for the same reasons you are but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some work to keep her satisfied. Keep your game at perfection level no matter what type of relationship it is.

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