Ways to Make Your Ex Sex Buddy Regret Breaking Up

Ways to Make Your Ex Sex Buddy Regret Breaking UpUsually, if a sex buddy breaks up with you, it’s best to just deal with the initial sting of getting dumped and move on. The best way to move on is to start hooking up with new sex buddies as soon as possible, and just totally put her out of your mind. But sometimes the sex was just so good, that you’d do nearly anything to get her to come back. If you want to make your ex sex buddy regret breaking up with you, there are a few ways to go about it.

Be Too Busy to Talk To Her

Women are funny creatures. Unlike men, who would usually be totally thrilled to never hear from someone again after they break up with them, a lot of women like to maintain contact with their ex. If she goes down the road of wanting to maintain a friendship, you have the perfect opportunity to make her regret breaking up with her. Any time she texts or calls you, answer her, cheerfully and kindly, but make it clear you don’t have time to have a conversation. If you ignore her completely, she’ll just give up. If you indulge her in the conversations, she’ll assume you’re all good and ready to be friends. But this middle ground will drive her nuts. This is especially effective if you can sound like you’re perfectly happy and can drop hints that the reason you’re so busy is that you’re with another woman. Even though she was the one that ditched you, you’ll seem much more appealing if she thinks another woman has your attention.

If You Are Hooking Up with Someone Else Make Sure She Knows

Don’t tell her outright, of course. That would probably backfire. But if you know where she always grabs coffee on her lunch break, and oops! Just happen to bump into her while you’re with another woman, all the better. You don’t even have to be having sex with the woman. Have a hot co-worker? Offer to buy her a coffee. Whatever. You’re sex buddy doesn’t have to know the whole story. You just need to create the illusion that you are moving on and happily so. If you have any mutual friends, you can always casually toss a bone into the rumor mill by telling the person something (confidentially, of course) that you know they’ll take back to your ex sex buddy right away. Remember, the surest way to get someone to repeat something is to tell them not to tell. Trust me, she’ll hear about it by the next day.


Lay a Guilt Trip on Her

Be sad, but understanding. Guilt trips don’t work if you seem angry. All anger will do is make her defensive. So leave anger out of the picture and just come across as sad and a little bit dejected. Tell her you completely understand. If you can subtly berate yourself, this is extra effective. She’ll think you’re trying to put on a brave front for her, and that she’s actually hurt you even more deeply than you’re letting on. She’ll feel like crap!

Take a Vacation

If you can arrange it, taking a vacation within a week or so of her breaking things off with you. Lead her to believe that she would have been going with you if you’d still been hooking up. If she texts you while you’re away, text her back with a couple of awesome pictures so she sees what a great time you’re having without her. She’ll be kicking herself for ditching you.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make an ex sex buddy regret breaking up with you. The key is to evoke pretty much any strong emotion except anger. Anger never works, but pretty much everything else does. Guilt and remorse work, because she’ll feel like an awful person for hurting you. Jealousy is a fantastic motivator. If she believes that other women want you, it will make you seem more desirable. This is especially true if she sees you with women who are at least as attractive, if not more attractive, than she is. If she sees you having a lot of fun without her, she’ll feel nostalgic for the good times you did have, and she’ll feel like she’s missing out on something. But before you undertake any of this, get really clear about what your motivation is and what outcome you’re hoping for. You may or may not decide that it’s worth your effort. If you decide that it is, make it count! There’s no point in doing it if you’re not going to go all in. If you play your cards right, she’ll be crawling back into your bed in no time, and there’s nothing hotter than post breakup sex.

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