What Type of Girls Make the Best Sex Buddies?

What Type of Girls Make the Best Sex BuddiesWhen you’re new to the world of sex dating, you might think that the best type of girl for your sex buddy is the type that will sleep with you. This mindset is common, but it’s desperate, and it’s a surefire way to ruin your sex dating experience. In order to get the most out of no strings sex, you have to pick the right type of girls, or things can get messy, fast. Here’s how to make sure you’re setting yourself up for great sex, not sex dating disasters.

Looks Matter

Okay, so you’re not exactly going to be modeling for Hollister any time soon. So you might not be hooking up with girls who look like super models. That’s fine. It’s good to be realistic. But don’t sell yourself short, either. There’s a wide range of women out there looking for no strings attached sex, and just because you’re not going to land an Angelina Jolie look alike, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of settling for fat, ugly women you aren’t the least bit attracted to. Sex dating is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, and how good will it be if you’re having sex with women who don’t turn you on? Put your best foot forward through proper grooming, dressing nicely, and coming across as self-confident, and you might be happily surprised by the type of women you can score.

She Knows She Doesn’t Want a Relationship

It’s best to meet girls through sex dating websites, not the regular dating type, and not at bars, parties, or through mutual friends. The reason for this is that most of the girls you meet on a sex dating site will be pretty solid about the fact that they just want sex, not a relationship. Girls you meet in other settings might say that they aren’t looking for a relationship, but all too often, they change their tune after you’ve slept together a time or two. A lot of guys don’t think that this matters. As long as she knows you don’t want a relationship, who cares? But trust me, this can lead to all sorts of drama and upheaval that can make your life a living hell. Stick to the chicks who know what they want… and only want to get laid.

She’s Got a Life

At first, a girl who doesn’t have much of a life can seem like perfect sex buddy material. After all, if she doesn’t have a lot of friends or hobbies, she’ll pretty much always be available when you’re in the mood for sex, and that can be really convenient. They only problem is that it also means that she’s lonely and has absolutely nothing outside of you to fill up her time. These women are the ones who are the most likely to become whiny, desperate, demanding of your time, and maybe even a little bit stalker-ish. They’re the girls who start texting and calling you with increasing frequency, wanting to know where you are and what you’re doing. They’re the ones who start trying to extend your relationships outside of sex by luring you into doing other stuff with them. Some of them even threaten to hurt themselves, or similarly disturbing things, if you won’t see them. True, a girl with a lot going on might not always be available when you want her, but it’s way better than the alternative. Instead of having one girl with no life, find a few sex buddies who do have a life. That way, if one is busy, you can go down the line to the next. A chick with friends, social activities, school or a job (or both), won’t have the time or inclination to chase you.


She’s a Free Spirit

A girl who is uptight and no fun to be around outside of bed is probably going to be a drag in the sack, too. Choose free spirits who know how to laugh and have a good time. If she’s fun and outrageous in her day to day life, she probably doesn’t have a lot of sexual inhibitions or hang-ups, either. A sense of adventure and an anything goes attitude makes for great sex. Plus, these wild girls are more likely than the serious types to mean what they say about not wanting relationships. They prefer sex buddies because they crave change and variety, so it’s not very likely they’ll try to sucker you into something more.

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the right type of girls for sex buddies. Don’t sweat it, though. There are a lot of them out there! As long as you watch out for major red flags, you’ll be fine. There’s no shortage of cool women looking for casual sex, so as long as you know what you’re looking for, the next perfect sex buddy is right around the corner!

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