How To Turn Your Sex Buddy Into A Long-term Relationship

You know how lucky you are to have this fantastic woman in a noncommittal relationship. (Read why sex buddies are the best kind of relationships) It is a dream a lot of men have. Women who don’t mind being and having a sex buddy are few and far between. There are always the pitfalls of falling in love, too. Women that fantastic tend to get snapped up pretty quickly. While it may be that you have heard all the horror stories of falling in love with their sex buddy, but still can’t deny your feelings any longer. Now the question is just how to turn your special lady from a sex buddy to a long-term relationship.

You can go from sex buddy to long-term relationship if she feels the same way

Your first task in going from sex buddy to long-term relationship is determining how she feels. Is she falling in love with you too? Has she let her emotions develop from good-time friends to actual love? Finding out these answers will take a bit of detective work and some consideration. You don’t want to come on to strong. You should proceed with caution, so you don’t weird her out. Ask subtle questions to see how interested she would be in turning your sex buddy into a Long-term relationship.

Being reliable goes a long way in turning your sex buddy into a Long-term relationship

When she has a problem, be the one to solve it. If she needs a sounding board, be there to listen. Become the person she turns to when the going gets tough. When you prove yourself reliable she is more likely to find deeper emotion for you. It is another characteristic she will find endearing and come to count on.

Being authentic is important when you want to turn your sex buddy into a Long-term relationship

Not everyone can comprehend the true meaning of authenticity in a relationship. There are certain people who will always have a special face they wear for the person they are involved with, never showing their true selves. This harms the relationship, no matter what type it is. All manner of friendships thrive when the two people’s true personalities are present. Even platonic friendships are enhanced with honesty. Showing your sex buddy your authentic personality is a sure-fire way to get her into a long-term relationship.

Spending a lot of time together can turn a sex buddy into a long-term relationship

People get close when they spend a lot of time together. They learn more about the personal lives of the other person and can’t help but feel an empathy and concern. It is a natural thing. Use it to your advantage by squeezing in a little extra time with your sex buddy. It can be an extra cup of coffee or just a few more cuddles before she’s out the door. Work your way up to more time.

Express your feelings to change a sex buddy into a long-term relationship

If all else fails, you can always try brutal honesty. Just come right out and say it. Once you have tried spending more time with her and being more authentic, but she still isn’t getting it, just let it all out. Explain how you feel and let her know you would be interested in taking it further if she’s interested. Make sure she knows you are OK with whichever choice she makes. If she thinks you are giving her an ultimatum, things will probably turn out badly.

There are really many more ways to turn a sex buddy into a long-term relationship. The key is having mutual feelings. If she doesn’t want to be in a real relationship with you, no amount of persuading is going to do it. Too much persuading and yours considered a stalker. Good sex is another great thing to have. If you just haven’t been able to break it off with this girl and you keep telling yourself it is because of the great sex, she is a good candidate to turn into a long-term relationship. Use all the resources you have, your great personality, marvelous sexual prowess, and deep emotion for this woman and use it to make her see what a great idea changing your relationship would be.

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