Top 5 Perks of Having a No Strings Attached Relationship

Top 5 Perks of Having a No Strings Attached RelationshipIf you’ve been considering a no strings attached relationship, but you’re not sure if it will work for you, you’re not alone. More and more people are leaving behind the world of monogamy in favor of no strings relationships. There are a lot of benefits, so it’s an option worth serious consideration. Here are the top five perks.
#1 You Can Have Sex with As Many Women As You Want
The best benefit to a no strings attached relationship is that you aren’t committed to only being with one person. You can have as many sexual partners as you want, which means that you’ll never again have to choose between either being true to your word and end up resenting the hell out of your relationship, or sneaking around to have an affair, risking getting caught and all of the drama that will ensue if you do.
#2 The Sex is Better
The sex you’ll have in a no strings relationship is likely to be much better than the sex you’ve had in committed relationships. That’s because any time you hook up, you’ll no it’s because you both want to be there and are ready and eager for sex. No one is having sex out of a sense of obligation, which of course, tends to make it dull and unfulfilling. Not only that, but women who seek out no strings attached relationships tend to have fewer inhibitions and are more willing to get freaky and try new things.
#3 You Won’t Feel Like You Have to See Her When You Don’t Want To
Another great perk in a no strings attached relationship is that you’ll only have to see the woman when you feel like it. That would be the whole “no strings attached” part. You have sex. End of story. You don’t have to help her clean the house, visit her grandma with her, or hang out with her annoying best friend. If she wants to go out to eat, and you want to stay home to watch football, you can do that without having her send you on a huge guilt trip. She’ll get it, because she knows that she doesn’t have any obligation to see you when she doesn’t want to, either.
#4 You’ll Have Time to Maintain Your Own Life
Since you’ll only be hooking up for sex, you’ll still have plenty of time for everything else that matters to you. If you want to spend the afternoon hanging out with your buddies, no problem. You can do that without anyone tagging along or throwing a fit about how much time you spend with the guys. If you like to spend a lot of time at the gym, or the coffee shop writing, or doing whatever else it is that makes you happy, go for it! A no strings relationship doesn’t require you to abandon anything about your life that you enjoy. It adds instead of detracts.

#5 When It’s Time to End It, You Can Just Walk Away
There are a lot of perks to a no strings attached relationship, and one of them comes at the end. Let’s face it, almost all relationships, whether they’re monogamous or no strings, come to an end sooner or later. If you’ve ever ended a monogamous relationship, you know that it’s usually a very unpleasant experience. It’s emotional. It can be painful and dramatic. There are lots of feelings involved, and depending on how long you’ve been together, there can also be a lot of practical details to sort out when things come to an end. The process is rarely simple and straightforward, and it usually takes up a lot of time. When you’re ending a no strings attached relationship, it’s so much easier than dealing with all of that. You’re under no obligation to ever speak to her again, although in most cases you’ll probably want to give her at least a courtesy text to tell her you’re ready to move on. But if she gets a little weird, just block her number and you’re done with it. Simple.
No strings attached relationships are easier from beginning to end. You get great sex without all of the emotionally draining aspects of a relationship. You’re still a free agent, and you can see whoever you want, whenever you want. No demands. No manipulation. No messy feelings to contend with. You can stick around for however long it’s still exciting and fulfilling to both of you, and when you get bored or want to end things for other reasons, you can just make a clean break and walk away. It’s easy to see why so many men are opting out of committed relationships. Why would you tie yourself down when there’s a much better option?

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