Tips For Maintaining A Sex Buddy In College

High school is when we all have it made. Mom does our laundry and dad puts food on the table. We can borrow the car and have a place to lay down at night and all we have to do is take out the garbage every other day or two. Ah, yes. Those were the days. We could date who we wanted to. Take who we wanted to prom and date a different girl the next weekend. Sex buddies are kind of normal in high school years when everyone is feeling their oats and trying to see what kind of person they are compatible with. Once you enter college things begin to change. Women begin to look for potential life partners. Even some guys start to think about women as more potential mates than one-night stands, although we tend to take longer to realize those thoughts and much longer to act upon them. It is harder to keep a woman interested in a purely sex buddy relationship in college. She always wants to sneak feeling and emotions in there. There are a few tried and true tricks to help keep a sex buddy in college. You don’t have to use all of them or you can use them all at different times. Do what’s best for your particular situation.

Boyfriend Material VS Boyfriend Potential

While it may seem that they are the same thing, being boyfriend material is different from having boyfriend potential. Learning the different is critical to keeping that college sex buddy around. You do not want to be boyfriend material. If your college sex buddy feels that she is sleeping with real deal boyfriend material, she will figure she is already halfway there and begin to make your life a living hell. On the other hand, if you just have boyfriend potential, you’re going to fair much better. She is still on the fence about your real capabilities and will need to see more to make a judgement. But you do have enough boyfriend appeal that she wants to hang out and keep sleeping with you. Know the difference. It is vital.

Never Give Your All When Maintaining A Sexy Buddy In College

Always leave a sex buddy wanting more. Never give her the emotion she really craves. Make sure all your sexual encounters are just purely fun, raw, sex. When you do show her your sifter side, make sure it is just in friendship and consideration. She will already have seen what a kind and caring person you can be, but how down and dirty you can get in the bedroom will be a complete turn on to her for eternity. As long as you can keep pulling off this type of act, you’ll always have her eating out of the palm of your hand.

Do Not be Totally Emotionless When Maintaining A Sexy Buddy In College

It is easy to see how you might think it is best to never show any emotion to your sex buddy. You don’t want to lead her on. You want to make sure she knows it is only about sex. You care for her as a friend only and do not want any sort of tenderness to be read as love or romance. The trouble is, women are emotional creatures. They kiss and hug each other, and it has nothing to do with sex. If you want to keep a sex buddy around, you are going to have to throw her some emotional conversations once in a while. As we stated, it should not be during sex, but you don’t want to treat her like a prostitute either. You can be kind and appreciative without being overtly romantic.

It is most certainly possible to maintain a sex buddy in college. Is it challenging? Yes. Will it take some thought and effort? Yes, again. What’s the alternative? Sleeping around and letting every woman believe she is the next Mrs. Jones? That will work for a while but eventually you’ll get a bad reputation, and no one will date you. You’re only real choice is to be honest. Let the women you sleep with know that you aren’t looking for a relationship but you make a fantastic friend with benefits.

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