5 Things No Sex Buddy Ever Wants to Hear

Sex is about connecting with each other. It is about feeling close to someone. Those feelings are different for every person. While some people prefer fast, passionate sex, others favor slow and deliberate measures. These slight differences exist in every facet of sexual activity. Many guys like to hear dirty talk in bed, some women enjoy the rough sound of your breath. Sometimes you just want to say sweet, comfortable things. No matter what you or your sex buddy prefer to say (or not say) in bed, there are five things no one wants to ever hear in bed.

1. Is it in?

Never, ever do you want to hear your sex buddy say this small but painful phrase to you in bed. There could be the chance that she is just really wet and excited and you’re at an odd angle. Maybe you’re both having such a phenomenal time, you don’t know what the hell is going on. Even if that is true, however, it is never good for your ego. Women hate to be asked this question as much as we do, guys. If one of you isn’t feeling it, something is definitely wrong. If for some reason you still feel the need to ask her this question, be as tactful as possible. Read All About it – What is a norma vagina size?

2. Your ringtone

When you are hot and heavy in the moment with your sex buddy, the last thing either of you want to hear is the ringtone for your mom. Or your best bud. Or anyone at all. A ringing phone takes from the passion of the moment. It is distracting, especially if it goes on and on. While it is easy to forget to turn off the ringer, and there isn’t always time, don’t answer it. Let it ring. Don’t even answer it if it is your job. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to sex, you shouldn’t be doing it. Would you answer if you were on the toilet? What’s a few more minutes? It is an extremely crappy move to stop having sex to answer the phone. It puts a damper on the whole activity.

3. What her ex used to do (or yours)

Come on. If you have to be told this, you need to go back to your high school playbook. This is a big no-no for both of you. Never mention your ex or even a current sex partner during sex with someone else. When you’re having sex, it is all about you two. Your connecting on a different level. Together for the sole purpose of making each other feel good. No one want to be compared to someone else in that moment. Not even if your just having fun. Part of the fun of sex is feeling erotic, desirable and a good lover. Mentioning someone else is never a good idea.

4. Somebody else’s name

For the love of all things holy, get your names straight. This is especially important if you have a monogamous relationship going alongside your sex buddy relationship. If you have trouble keeping your names straight, use a pet name like baby or honey. Not only can this mistake get you in big trouble, you run the risk of hurting someone you care about. This goes for both sexes. You feel a special sting when you hear someone else’s name during the heat of passion. Not even your sex buddy wants to hear that.

5. Can we talk?

Now? Seriously? Some women have such poor sex-pertese as to ask for a full and meaningful conversation in the middle of sex. Not only is the desire to talk at all time low at that moment, but so is motivation. There is no worse time to have a serious conversation than when your emotions and sex drive are revving at 100 mph. Women seem to have sole domain to this little gem. Even if it is just a sex buddy relationship, talking about a serious subject during sex can only turn out bad.

There are a lot of things no sex buddy wants to hear but most of it is common sense.

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