The Kama Sutra cliff notes – 5 quick ways to improve your sex life from the Kama Sutra

The-Kama-sutra-cliff-notes-5-quick-ways-to-improve-your-sex-life-from-the-Kama-sutraWhen it comes to sex, there is always room for improvement. No matter how good it is, there is always something new that can rock your world. No matter how much you love someone or how excited she makes you, sometimes things fall stagnate. When your sex life becomes a state of the doldrums it is time to hunt up a copy of the Kama Sutra. – Read The Kama Sutra Here – The Kama Sutra is an ancient tome from India that depicts the art and skills of lovemaking. Its purpose is to teach and educate in all the pleasures of sex. It is the oldest book in the world on the topic. There is no one single author to its entirety. Its original author is said to be a celibate Indian monk named, Vatsyayana. The book provides lists of many positions and skills of sex but also a path to living a fulfilling life. Its main message is that both man and woman in a relationship must be informed in the arts of carnal and cerebral pleasures to keep a relationship thriving. The book itself is a fascinating look on ancient culture and morals but it is surprisingly relevant in today’s world and still sought after as a self-help book. There are so many positions, techniques and skills presented in the book it is hard to find exactly what will work for you but there are five quick ways to improve your sex life that work for everyone.

Kara Sutra Position – Indrani

The Indrani position is one that can easily introduce newbies to the world of extreme Kama Sutra sex positions. It works extremely well for anyone who has a larger than normal member but also gives a better access to men of smaller stature. Begin on your knees with your woman on her back under you. As she bends her knees to her chest, place her feet on your chest or near your armpits. This position allows maximum penetration and the opportunity to look deeply in her eyes and make a cerebral connection with her. This position puts you in control so you are able to surprise her with you pace and force. She is at your mercy.

Kamasutra Position – Rocking Horse

The position known as The Fantastic Rocking Horse in the Kama Sutra occurs when you sit cross-legged on the floor or bed and lean back. Support yourself with both your hands behind you. You can also lean against a wall or headboard. She will lower herself upon you on her knees. You can help her thrust by arching your hips but this position gives her most of the power. She decides how fast and how deep things will go. This simple position is also great for first-times and it is a great warm up for more extreme Kama Sutra positions.

Kamasutra Position – The Glowing Triangle

If you have a woman with some stamina, you might want to give The Glowing Triangle a shot. Much like the missionary position, but not really, this position starts out with her on her back and you on top. However, you need to be on all fours so she can raise her hips up to allow penetration. While you remain on all fours, she thrusts to and fro. The man is above and seems to be the domineering force but the woman does all the work. It’s a fun dynamic that never fails to excite its participants.

Kamasutra Position – The X-Rated

The X-rated position is a wonderful variation on the current Reverse Cowboy. As you lay on your back, she rides you with her back facing you. Slowly, she lowers her torso between your legs and extends her legs towards your shoulders. From here she thrusts up and down, using your feet as added leverage. This position is a bit outside the norm so you can both experience the fun of shaking things up a bit. He thrusts do the majority of the work, with your job being not to slip out. The unusual angle of penetration also helps to make things exciting.

Kamasutra Position – The Padlock

This fun little position (See a picture of The Padlock) includes the use of a table or some other large flat surface. Sit her on it in from on you and pull her close to the edge. She should lean back and support herself upright with her arms behind her. You will enter her as she wraps her legs securely around your waist. This allow close eye contact, kissing and the best opportunity to touch her ass as you penetrate her. It’s a great position for connecting with each other mentally and getting in contact with each other’s passion.

Using these five Kama Sutra techniques can only increase the goodwill in your relationship. One word of warning: don’t expect to get them perfect on the first try. It takes practice to perfect the moves and make them work for you and your partner.

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