Signs Sex Buddy Dating Is Not for You

Sex buddy dating is not for everyone. This should not surprise you. We all know that guy who just can’t stand the thought of sleeping with the neighborhood party girl, or would never think of a one night stand. The lifestyle just doesn’t fit into everyone’s idea of a good life. Many men, and women as well, wait all their lives for the one right person. Everyone they sleep with, they do so in hopes and expectation that it could last forever. That doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t give it try. Sometimes out of loneliness, sometimes just curiosity – but most everyone will give the sex buddy dating life a shot at some point in their life. There are a few signs to look for that can tell you if it just isn’t for you.

Sex Buddy Dating Gives You a Belly Ache

It may have been fun while it was happening but if you got a wicked tummy ache immediately after. It’s a sure sign you don’t have the constitution for it. A lot of men can just jump in and out of bed with whomever they deem worthy. That could be anyone from the hot bartender to the chick in accounting at work. Other men need to feel a more intimate connection and I don’t mean sexual attraction. Simple sex for sex sake feels wrong to the point it makes you sick. This isn’t the life for you.

You Crave a Deeper Connection

Maybe you don’t feel any sickness but if sex buddy dating doesn’t leave you with any of the warm and fuzzy feelings you so love about sex. Instead of long gazes and deep secrets revealed, you got a quickie in the car and she jetted off to meet her gal pals leaving you with a peck on the cheek and her empty soda bottle. That just isn’t enough for a lot of men and it isn’t that surprising. When sex means a connection deeper than can be accomplished in an hour of sweaty banging, you’re in the wrong lifestyle. Great Article – The Differences Between Hook-Up Sex, Marital Sex, and Making Love

You’re a Romantic

You know you’re going to get laid tonight and your super excited about it. You buy flowers and candy. Take her to a nice restaurant and wine and dine her only to find out she has a date later with her BFF and is kind of in a hurry. All she really wanted was a little roll in the hay. Some guys would revel at this kind of opportunity but if it leaves you wanting, you’re not the guy for sex buddy dating. Signs You Are A Romantic.

You Have Guilt a Catholic Would Envy

If even the thought of sex outside a relationship makes you anxious with guilt. This probably isn’t going to be a lifestyle you enjoy. Once it actually happens the guilt is overwhelming and you feel like the whole world knows what kind of crappy person you are. Sound familiar? Lots of men feel this way. It isn’t really all that unusual, just not often talked about.

You Crave Attention

Really enjoying the attention you get when you are someone’s one and only is a great thing. It is a natural and normal thing. But it isn’t something you get a lot of if you are sex buddy dating. Those types of relationships are for people with their own busy lives and not much time or need for a one-on-one type relationship. They prefer to be noncommittal. If you are one who prefers the attention and companionship, sex buddy dating will leave you lacking and you won’t enjoy it.

Living a sex buddy dating type relationship is something you have to have a countenance for. It is a way of life that requires a certain mindset and view of the world that is laxer. No one with strict religious or traditional values will find the lifestyle very rewarding. Look instead to women who enjoy steady dating and more monogamous activities. It is there you will find the type of relationship that most satisfies you. Don’t feel bad or less than about it. It is simply a preference you have for your life and your allowed to feel that way.

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