Sex Buddy Social Media Etiquette

Having a sex buddy is no big deal these days. We’ve come to depend on a variety of technologies to help take us through our lives successfully. The technological age we live in keeps us busier than ever and social media is an easy way to stay in touch as well as meet new people. Relationships are hard to keep up when you are on the go 24/7 and a sex buddy relationship seems to fit nicely into any scenario. As commonplace as sex buddy relationships have become, the basic rules of etiquette must still be applied.

Even Sex Buddy Social Media Comments Follow You

Some people forget that the comments they make on social media sites follow them around as much as their own posts. Making a comment on a news post or someone else’s timeline has just as much impact as if it were on your own timeline. Read how social media posts and comments can haunt you. What’s more is that, for reasons unknown, people forget their behavior on sex buddy social media sites or personal profiles of a willing player, is also public. Just because you’re not at your personal best doesn’t mean the world will look over those moments or the Internet will somehow ignore them. Every keystroke is available for public perusal. Don’t forget that.

Sex Buddy Etiquette- It Ain’t Rocket Science

If you think maybe you shouldn’t say it, you probably shouldn’t. Just because you’re talking to your sex buddy or a possible, future sex buddy, does not mean you drop all rules of etiquette. You won’t get far if you do. A sex buddy is someone you spend a lot of close time together with. It is a person who is willing to share the most intimate parts of their life with you. If anything, you should be speaking to them with more respect than most people in your life. Use common sense and most rules of social media etiquette will come to you naturally.

Does it Really Matter to a Sex Buddy?

According to several reader polls, there are five very annoying types of social media posts. The one thing you never want to do is annoy your sex buddy. Keep in mind these types of status updates and never, ever do them:
• Deliberately Ambiguous – You know the type. These are the people who post things there is no way in hell anyone can decipher unless they happen to be sitting next to them on the sofa when they post it.
• Continuous Complaining – Admit it. Even if you feel genuinely sorry for someone and their current plight, a constant barrage of complaints from their timeline makes you want to put them out of their misery. Don’t be one of these miserable douches.
• Meaningless Calls to Action – Press like if you hate cancer, child abuse and dysentery. I mean, don’t we all? Right up there with these posts are the ones asking for likes if you love Jesus, want to give props to an ugly kid or a cute dog. Stop it. Just stop it.
• Oversharing – Really, really, really stop posting your fried bologna sandwich breakfast and what your kid wears to school every morning. No. One. Cares. The people commenting feel sorry for your annoying ass.
• Over-posting – Even if your posts are uber-interesting, hilarious or super relevant, no one wants to see their feed cluttered up with your amazing shit all day. Have some respect for your followers and let them get a word in edgewise too.

Social media for sex buddy relationships is not much different than for the rest of the world. It is all mostly common sense. If you think you shouldn’t post it then do not do it. Trust your gut. If you really want to say it, say it privately in a message to someone who understands you. For a sex buddy relationship to be successful, it requires a lot of respect and give-and-take on both ends. Don’t get lazy and assume your sex buddy likes you so much she is going to overlook your boorish ways. Life doesn’t work that way, not even in noncommittal relationships. Keep your head about you and concentrate on what to say to get you further in your life on all fronts and you’ll be ahead of the game.

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