Sex buddy Sexting Tips & Tricks

A sex buddy is different than any other type of friend or relationship. The aspect in which this is most obvious is sexting. It is hard to know how to sext someone no matter how well you know them. Without being able to see facial inflections and hear voice tones, it can be hard to know how to take a person. When the topic is sex, things become even more tricky. The last thing you want is to insult or hurt the person you’re trying to bed. Sex buddy sexting tips are highly sought-after information. While the truth is you should always use your own instincts and trust your gut, there are a few sex buddy sexting tips and tricks that never fail.

Sex buddy Sexting Tip #1 – Pace Yourself

Do not just jump right into sex talk, even if she is just a friend with benefits. Women need to feel the slow burn of anticipation to fully enjoy the ride. You are just shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t take full advantage of her excitement and passion. Treat her just as you would anyone you’d like a romantic relationship with when it comes to sexting. Flirt, tease, hint. Be playful. Be sexy.

Sex buddy Sexting Tip #2 – Walk Down Memory Lane

This sex buddy sexting tip only works if you have already been to bed with your sex buddy. It is as simple as reminding her of the fun you have had before. Tell her thoughts. Explain how sexy you thought she was. Share what turned you on the most when you were together. Let her in on the things you haven’t been able to stop thinking about. Keep it simple. Don’t go into any grand soliloquies or melodious sonnets. Say just enough to let her know what’s been on your mind but don’t get to graphic.

Sex buddy Sexting Tip #3 – Let Her Make the First Move

Don’t bust into any vulgar or graphic language until she does first. She will let you know if she wants to talk dirty or just tease a little. Overstepping in the beginning can ruin everything. You want to sound hot and desirable. You do not want to sound like an old pervert. Your best bet is to follow her lead and amp up the excitement level as she does. You might get lucky and get a filthy little missive out of the blue, but in most cases, you will have to work for it.

Sex buddy Sexting Tip #4 – The Pics and Sexting Dilemma

To send a pic or not, that is always the big question. If you send a nude photo, you run the risk of getting caught. If you aren’t in a relationship, you run the risk of exposing yourself, at the very least. Your job, social life, and family could all be affected. She will be hesitant as well. Becoming comfortable enough with each other to send sexy pics paves the way for some very fun sext messages. This may be a subject to discuss in person so you both know where you stand.

Sex buddy Sexting Tip #5 – Delete, Delete, Delete!

The most important sex buddy sexting tip of all may be to delete your messages when you are done playing around. If you have a significant other, this is especially important. You never know when someone may accidentally get access to your phone and find out what and who you have been doing. Delete all nude photos you receive as well. Instead of deleting them, you can also sue one of the many decoy apps available for Smartphones. They hide your sext messages and dirty pics by disguising them as sports or hobby apps.

Sex buddy tips are basically common sense. Take your time and be aware of what you are sending. Make sure that you don’t start off to strong or too fast. Use your instincts to know when to take it to the next level. Sexting a sex buddy doesn’t have to cause you anxiety. It can be a fun and enjoyable addition to your sex life if you both learn how to approach each other. It can be easiest if you follow her lead and give sexy feedback when appropriate. It is all about having fun with each other, so don’t make it harder than it has to be.

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