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On November 27, 2014
Last modified:January 18, 2019


Ranked #4 Site For Meeting A Sex Buddy! Our testers really liked Socialsex - and recommend it to anyone looking for a sex buddy

Social sex review

Social Sex rounds out the top four most highly rated sex buddy sites that our testers reviewed. Start to finish, they found using the site to be a fun and worthwhile experience. First of all, your “tour,” when you sign up, is given by an incredibly hot model who takes off a piece of clothing every time you answer a question. If you’re going to go through the process of signing up for a sex dating site, watching a sexy naked chick show you around isn’t a bad way to learn about the site! The process of setting up a profile and contacting women is practically idiot-proof, so if you’re not an experienced online sex dater, no worries. You won’t be confused by Socialsex. Most of the guys said that the number of highly attractive women on Social Sex is astonishingly higher than on most sex dating sites. While there were definitely some con artist profiles spotted that were clearly fake, the vast majority of women’s profiles on the site were legit, and it was easy for the testers to find women they were interested in sleeping with. The best part was that not only were the guys interested in sleeping with these hot women, the girls were interested in sleeping with them, too. On a lot of sex dating sites there are a lot of women who seem to get shy and back out of actually sealing the deal once they’ve met up with a guy in person, but not here. Our guys said that the women they meant had zero ambivalence about sex, and most of them were eager to hop into bed shortly after saying hello. SocialSex rounds out our list as the #4 top sex buddy site online.

Best Features On Social Sex

Believe it or not, the thing our testers loved the most about is that women can get a free gold membership. Some guys complain that this sort of treatment is unfair, but our testers know better! Free membership for the ladies increases the ratio of women to men considerably, and that means more opportunities for paying male members to get laid. SocialSex is a real casual dating site that works at meeting sex buddies!

First Contact Messages That Worked Well

If you’re at a loss for how to initiate contact with women on SocialSex, you don’t have to wonder any longer about how to go about it. Our testers, many of whom were already experienced with sex buddy sites, provided these examples of what worked well on this particular site:

I almost scrolled right past your profile! What was I thinking? You’re so gorgeous, at first I thought for sure that it must be a fake. But after taking the time to read it, it was clear that you’re real, and I knew I had to send you a message. Let’s make it really real. Are you free this weekend? If so, let’s grab a drink and see what happens.

In a sea of ordinary, you stand out from the crowd. What are you doing on here? I can’t imagine that you don’t have guys chasing you down the street trying to get your number. Then again, maybe you’re here for the same reason I am, to avoid the drama and hassle of relationship seekers. After going out on one too many dates where it was clear that the woman was looking for love, I decided to give this a try… Want to meet up and see if it works the way it’s supposed to? If so, I’d love to buy you a drink.

What Our Reviewers Did Not Like About It

The only real complaint the testers had about was that they felt like too many scam profiles popped up. They were quick to say that although there were more scammers on this site than on the top four that most profiles were real women, and they had no problem weeding on the fakes and focusing on the real profiles seeking sex.

Safety Review

Testers didn’t have any major safety concerns about SocialSex. The interface is secure, so they weren’t worried about their credit card numbers or names falling into the wrong hands. They did mention that they noticed more fake profiles slipping through the cracks than they did on the top four sites, but noted that these scammer profiles were very easy to spot, got removed quickly, and that there were far fewer than on most sex dating sites they’ve frequented.

Pricing / Billing Information

You can use the free membership to get a feel for what Social Sex is like, but getting laid requires a paid membership. Luckily, membership is totally reasonable, and the longer you commit, the cheaper it gets. One month costs $29.95, commit to three months, and it is only $19.98 a month, and a year comes out to just $12.50 a month. Rest assured that your credit card bill won’t say anything about where that money is going. Charges will show up as EPOCH,,, or Webbilling.
Result Summary

Social Sex was rigorously tested by twenty-five guys from five major U.S. Cities; Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas, Miami, and Seattle. The testers sent anywhere from 78 to 113 initial contact emails that resulted in the setting up of between 5 and 18 dates. By the end of these dates, the testers had between 0 and 9 full closes on Most testers fell somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, meaning that almost everyone got laid at least once, and a good deal of the guys got lucky several times.


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Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 23 86 10 7
Tester #2Age: 32 101 17 9
Tester #3Age: 27 89 12 8
Tester #4Age: 35 112 7 1
Tester #5Age: 29 100 14 4
Total  488 60 29


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 24 98 11 5
Tester #2Age: 29 104 7 0
Tester #3Age: 38 90 15 5
Tester #4Age: 26 109 12 1
Tester #5Age: 34 104 18 4
Total  505 63 15


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 26 113 15 4
Tester #2Age: 33 98 10 5
Tester #3Age: 27 99 5 0
Tester #4Age: 31 86 14 5
Tester #5Age: 24 103 11 2
Total  499 55 16


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 36 78 8 4
Tester #2Age: 38 103 6 3
Tester #3Age: 37 99 14 7
Tester #4Age: 38 103 12 6
Tester #5Age: 36 91 8 0
Total  474 48 20


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 27 100 16 3
Tester #2Age: 30 78 11 3
Tester #3Age: 24 93 15 7
Tester #4Age: 24 103 13 6
Tester #5Age: 26 107 18 7
Total  481 73 26


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