JustHookup.com Review

Justhookup-reviewThe name sounds straightforward enough. It sounds like a good place to be if you’re looking for hookups without the hassle. Unfortunately, the name is just about the only thing the site got right. Our testers had so many complaints about it, that I wasn’t even sure where to begin with listing them. Everything from the site design, to the number of fake profiles, to the type of real women on the site, to billing issues. It was all wrong. From beginning to end, the entire testing period was a sex dating disaster.

Justhookup.com has Major Glitches

The problems with Justhookup started as soon as our testers joined. Some of them encountered major glitches with the process while they were trying to submit their credit card information. Since the site’s main objective is to make money, what does it say about their competency when they can’t even take your payments without issues? It was the same story with filling out their profiles. Information that they filled out and submitted would oftentimes just disappear. Even the searches were sometimes off, pulling up profiles for areas in which the men weren’t searching.

Next Up, Fake Profiles!

Working through the site glitches, the next issue was the abundance of fake profiles on the site. Whatever type of fake profile you can imagine on a sex buddy site, and you’ll find more of them than you can count on Justhookup.com. Some of them are escort services, others are webcam girls, and many are just plain old fashioned con artists trying to convince men to send them money. The profiles that aren’t out to get your money in one way or another are just empty fronts filling space.

If a Woman Would Use This Site, You Wouldn’t Want to Meet Her

It’s not like you’re going to find a lot of real women on this site, because most of the profiles are scams. But on the rare occasion that you do come across a real woman, chances are higher than not that you’re not going to want anything to do with her. It’s an interesting phenomenon, how certain sites seem to attract certain types of women in droves. Certain sites, for whatever reason, seem to draw a lot of hotter than average women. Social Sex is a good example of this. Unfortunately, this is no Social Sex competitor. Justhookup.com attracts the dregs of humanity. These women make the skanks that hang out in honky tonk dive bars look like high class catches. Whatever you’re imagining, take it a notch lower, and it’ll be about right. None of the testers saw even a single real woman that they would initiate contact with. Some of the women contacted them, but they were so nasty that the kindest response they could come up with was silence. Needless to say, none of them ending up hooking up on Justhookup.com.

Billing Was a Nightmare

As you can imagine, after experiencing the initial site glitches during the signup process, billing issues didn’t come as much of a surprise. So many things were wrong with the site, we probably would have been surprised if there weren’t any issues with billing. To make a long story short, over half of the guys ended up being overcharged by various amounts, with double and even triple payments being processed. Not one of them had any success with trying to recoup their money. It was a total nightmare.

Justhookup.com Conclusion

To recap the whole disastrous experience succinctly, signing up was a complete pain in the ass due to site glitches. Once those issues were overcome, our guys discovered that almost all of the profiles on the site were fake, and the only real women were hideous. None of the testers wanted to sleep with any of the women. And after all of that, billing was a total nightmare, and the overcharging issues were never fixed. You probably don’t need any convincing by now that signing up for Justhookup.com is a terrible idea. We did this testing to save you from going through the same terrible experiences our testers had, and we encourage you to pass on the favor by spreading the word so other guys don’t get duped.

Don't Get Scammed

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