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On November 27, 2014
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Ranked #1 Site For Meeting A Sex Buddy! Our testers really liked InstantHookups - and recommend it to anyone looking for a sex buddy

Free Hookup Review

We had 25 guys test Instant Hookups over a six month period, and it was hands-down their favorite sex buddy site. The size of the membership base meant easier access to hot women, and more of their initial contacts ended with sex than on any other site. The also loved the site’s layout and features, saying that it was easy to use, and offered lots of extra perks. In addition to the usual internal email and instant messaging, they also loved the live webcam chat. Site design aside, their main motivation was the end result: Sex. Lots and lots of sex. . Across the board, our guys said that they found it much easier to meet women who actually wanted to meet up for sex than on most of the other sites they tried. And in the end, the results showed that no other site performed better in terms of hookups that resulted in sex. Instant Hookups was our clear cut winner and is our #1 sex buddy site online!

Best Features On

Almost all of the guys testing this site said that the live webcam chat was the best feature. In some cases, they had a lot of sexy on-camera fun before they ever met up with their new sex buddy, and they said it was a fun way to fill the time in between hookups. Plus, they got a better sense of what the chicks really looked like. They also liked having access to hardcore porn within the site. Each of our reviewers said was legit at finding sex buddies.

First Contact Messages That Worked Well On Instant Hookups

First contact messages are of the utmost importance on sex buddy sites. If you don’t make a good first impression, it’s over. You’ll never hear back from the chick, which means you definitely won’t be getting laid. We had our testers track the success rates of every first contact message they sent, so we could show you real life examples of exactly what to do when you’re writing to potential sex buddies. These are the emails that got the most responses on and culminated in the most sex for our testers on Free Hookup.

Number of times my mother has asked me if I have a girlfriend yet: 257
Number of times I’ve told her I’m not ready to settle down: 257
Number of profiles I’ve looked at on this site today: 47
Number of women who seem as sexy and fun as you: 0

Your profile made me laugh. I’m not sure which was worse, the number of times your mom has asked men over to dinner to meet you without asking, or the number of creepy guys that have contacted you through this site. Meet me for a drink, and I’ll promise not to bring a blow-up doll or an engagement ring with me. I’m on here because I’m an honest guy and don’t want to meet women looking for love, not because I’m a freak. Well, at least not THAT kind of a freak. Are you game?

What I know about you: You’ve got a killer smile and great hair. You’re too busy with law school to even want to consider a serious relationship. You’d like to have some no strings fun with a nice guy who won’t treat you like a hooker.
What you should know about me: I’ve been told I have a nice smile, but I don’t think my hair can compete with yours. I’m too busy with my career, rock climbing, and dogs to even want to consider a serious relationship. I’m a really nice guy looking for no strings fun, and I don’t think that women looking for the same thing should be treated with disrespect. Let’s meet up this weekend and find out a little bit more about each other!

What Our Reviewers Did Not Like About It Instant Hookups

Our members raved about It was hard for them to come up with anything they didn’t like. In the end, just about the only thing they could come up with was that most of them thought the Flirt feature was stupid.

Safety Review Of

All of our testers unanimously agreed that Instant Hookup provides top notch safety measures for its members. Identity and billing information are secured through encrypted third party billing, so they never had concerns about identity theft or unauthorized charges. They also appreciated the discretion of the charges on credit card statements, ensuring that anyone who happened to see the bill would have no idea they were using a sex buddy site. As far as safety from con artists, the site does a great job of keeping scamming profiles to a minimum. Like any adult dating site, users need to be smart, because the occasional scumbag slips through the cracks, but the site is almost totally legit users, and shady profiles are deleted regularly.

Pricing / Billing Information

Free memberships are available, but since they don’t allow you to use most of the site’s feature, we recommend skipping that step. If you’re gun-shy and really want to test things out, you can get a two day membership for a buck. The regular monthly membership fee is $39.97, and worth every penny! Third party billers are used, so your credit card statement will never reveal what you’ve been spending your money on.

Result Summary

We used 25 testers ranging in ages from 23-37. The guys live in L.A., NYC, Dallas, Seattle, and Miami, and they used for six months. Each of them sent between 62 and 144 emails. Those emails generated responses that led to setting up anywhere from 8 to 21 dates each. Full closes, in which the tester’s dates ended in sex varied considerably. The least number of full closes that any tester got was 3, and our top performer had a whopping 15 hookups! That’s a lot of sex, and it’s the main reason the site was voted the most popular amongst our testers for meeting and maintaining sex buddies & open relationships.


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Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 23 104 15 13
Tester #2Age: 32 145 17 14
Tester #3Age: 27 96 11 9
Tester #4Age: 35 112 15 11
Tester #5Age: 29 121 18 13
Total  578 76 60


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 24 98 13 9
Tester #2Age: 29 131 18 12
Tester #3Age: 38 117 15 13
Tester #4Age: 26 102 14 11
Tester #5Age: 34 144 12 9
Total  592 72 54


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 26 97 18 11
Tester #2Age: 33 103 16 12
Tester #3Age: 27 73 10 3
Tester #4Age: 31 121 17 14
Tester #5Age: 24 103 14 8
Total  497 75 48


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 36 62 8 7
Tester #2Age: 38 89 15 11
Tester #3Age: 37 104 18 14
Tester #4Age: 38 76 20 15
Tester #5Age: 36 109 15 10
Total  440 76 57


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 27 121 18 11
Tester #2Age: 30 79 17 13
Tester #3Age: 24 103 11 9
Tester #4Age: 24 99 19 12
Tester #5Age: 26 111 21 10
Total  513 86 55


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