citysex-reviewIf you can’t tell from the super tacky website design that you’re not going to get anything good from City Sex, let’s lay any misguided hopes you have for the site to rest. The design reflects the caliber of the service the company provides, which means that you’re not going to get much of anything for your money. Our testers unanimously agreed that City Sex should change its name to City Dry Spell, because you’re certainly not going to get laid using this site. Out of twenty-five testers, only two of them got laid once apiece, making it one of the worst casual sex dating sites they tried.


Webcam Girls and Mail Order Brides

We expect to run into fake profiles for webcam girls on sex dating sites. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those hassles you have to contend with if you’re going to use them. That being said, the good sites will take down these profiles when they spot them, and there will still be plenty of real women left to choose from. City Sex is overrun with webcam girls. Fully two thirds of the profiles lead you to these sites! What really surprised us, though, was finding out how many of the remaining third of the profiles ended up being mail order brides. Some of our testers were shocked to find themselves in conversations with women they assumed were local to them at first, only to get propositioned to bring the woman over as a mail order bride. Our dudes aren’t on sex dating sites because they can’t find a wife. They’re using them because they don’t want a wife. Does that make any sense? You’re looking for no strings sex, and suddenly you’ve got someone trying to get you to spend an extraordinary amount of money to have a wife shipped to you from a foreign country. While we certainly have no proof, we had to wonder if City Sex received some sort of kickback from allowing these people to post profiles on the site. In any case, it was creepy, and a complete waste of time.

The Ratio of Real Women to Men Was Beyond Pathetic

A few real women do use City Sex, but when we say a few, we really mean it. Even though all of our testers are located in major metropolitan areas, after months of searching, only two of them managed to hook up with anyone. One of the women told the tester she hooked up with that she is so bombarded with emails that she doesn’t even bother to look at most of them anymore. This is because for every real woman in any given city, there are probably hundreds of men, so if the girl is even semi-decent looking, every guy within a sixty mile radius of her on the site is trying to get with her. When you break down the cost of a monthly memberships and consider that you might get laid once every several months, why would you shell out the money when there are so many sites out there with much better odds?

City Sex Conclusion

City Sex was a bust. Most of the profiles were actually webcam girls, and we know how to find that if we want it (and certainly wouldn’t pay twice to gain access), so that in and of itself is reason enough to avoid the site. Then, there was the odd Russian mail order bride thing, and again, that alone would have been enough to make us want to avoid City Sex. And the final straw was the fact that there were so few real women on the site that next to no one ends up actually hooking up with any of them! Legit sex dating sites have such massive membership bases that most guys can find sex buddies without any trouble. Stick with sites like Fuckbook. Adult Hookup and XXXConnect that have proven track records. Remember, the same testers who couldn’t find hookups on City Sex were getting laid left and right using those sites. You deserve to get what you pay for, and when we’re talking sex dating sites, you’re paying for a decent chance to have hot sex on a regular basis, not to meet webcam girls and Russian brides.

Don't Get Scammed

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