Amateur match reviewWhat do you think of when you hear the word amateur when you’re talking about sex? Porn, right? So you’ve got to wonder if there’s some sort of subconscious truth in advertising for the owners of No, you’re not going to end up hooking up with women who look like porn stars. Not even close. In fact, you’re not going to end up hooking up with any women. That’s because there are no women on the site. All you’re going to do during your time on Amateurmatch is scroll through thousands of fake profiles, most of which feature stolen pictures of porn stars. It’s so blatant that it’s amazing to consider that there are actually guys out there who fall for it and think they’ve got a chance of scoring with the women in these photos. It’s sad, really. Because a lot of guys don’t know any better until they get duped by a site like this. If you haven’t already been through a similar experience, let us save you the pain. Guys, you have to know that when a woman looks too good to be true, she is. You will find plenty of beautiful women on good sex buddy sites, but you will never find a perfect 10. There are very few tens in this world, and I can guarantee you that they don’t have to look for sex online. They can’t leave their houses without guys coming on to them! So when you come across a site like this that is overrun with them, it’s your warning sign that it’s not for real.

Fake Profiles and Dead Ends

Our testers suspected that they were probably in for a disappointment after they first signed up and realized that so many of the profiles pictures were red flags for fakes. They gave their best effort to keep looking in order to give an unbiased review of the site, and for a short while, they thought that maybe they had come across some real profiles amongst all of the blatant fakes. For every couple of dozen of porn star looking women, they’d find a profile picture of one that seemed normal and real, and they’d send an email. However, all of these profiles were just planted for the more savvy guys who know not to fall for the adult film star looking ones. On average, each guy sent around one hundred initial contact emails. And not a single guy heard back from a single woman. It’s not that they didn’t know what they were doing. They were all quite successful at sending emails that got responses on other sites. It’s just that there was no one on the other end to read them. There are no roads leading to casual sex here. It’s nothing more than one dead end after the next.

A Carefully Constructed Scam

If one guy doesn’t get any responses from a sex buddy profile, it could be that it’s just the guy. Maybe he’s unspeakably ugly. Maybe he’s sending awful emails that no woman with two brain cells to rub together would answer. It’s a possibility. But when you’ve got 25 guys who send a combined total of over 2500 emails it’s a different story. Especially when all of those guys have proven track records as successful sex daters, and they don’t get a single response, you can safely assume that it’s the site, not the guys. Therefore, we can only conclude is nothing more than a carefully constructed scam.

Amateur Match Conclusion

After searching through thousands of profiles on, it became clear that there are no real women on the site. Every single profile was planted by the site. It’s a front meant to part naïve men from their money, not a sex dating site. Not only that, but when you finally figure out that you’re never going to get laid via and ask for a refund, you’ll never get a response. They take your money and disappear. It is truly the worst of the worst, and there are a whole lot of sleazy casual sex sites out there. Don’t waste your time or your money. The only thing you’ll get from it is an empty wallet.

Don't Get Scammed

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