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On November 26, 2014
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Ranked #2 Site For Meeting A Sex Buddy! Our testers really liked Adulthookup AKA SoNaughty - and recommend it to anyone looking for a sex buddy

Adult Hookup Review

After six months of vigorous testing, our group of 25 guys rated AdultHookup as the second best site for finding sex buddies. They loved the site’s multitude of features, along with the user friendly layout. The membership base is massive, and it had a much better girl to guy ratio than most sex buddy sites. They also liked it that very few dead profiles or con artists were present. Nearly every woman they tried to make contact with on the site ended up being a real woman looking for sex buddies. Not only were there more real women on the site, the testers reported that for the most part, these women were much better looking than the types of women they encountered on other sex buddy sites. None of them had any trouble finding women they found sexually attractive, so they didn’t feel like they had to settle for getting laid by a woman they didn’t even particularly want to have sex with. Over all adulthookup comes highly recommend and ranked as our #2 sex buddy site online.

Best Features On AdultHookup AKA SoNaughty

Adulthookup has a ton of great features, so our testers had a hard time narrowing it down! They all liked the ability to see which women were online at any given time, along with the one-on-one video chat. Together, these features made it easier to make online connections that felt more personal, put the women at ease, and resulted in the scheduling of more dates, which of course, led to more sex. They also loved it that they could view the website on their phones through the app, and that they could enable a “safe mode” for discrete use when they were in public. If you’ve ever used a sex buddy site, you know that the sooner you respond to messages you receive, the more likely it is that you’ll end up having sex with the woman who contacted you, so the ability to check the site frequently, without being socially inappropriate, is a major selling point. Adulthookup is legit at finding sex buddies!

First Contact Messages That Worked Well On Adulthookup

If you feel like you have no clue what to say to women on a sex dating site, our testers are going to help you out! They let us have access to their best first contact emails so you can see what worked to get them laid on

I was already reading your profile when I noticed that you’re online right now! You’re smirk caught my eye. Not only are you beautiful, you also look like you’ve got some sexy little secrets! Want to chat on camera to see if meeting up seems like something you’d be interested in doing?

I’ve been looking for a great girl to hook up with for no strings fun, but so far, I’ve mostly encountered a lot of women who say that they don’t want commitment, but as soon as we go out, the story changes! I noticed that you said you’ve encountered the same things with some of the guys you’ve met online. I can assure you, I am NOT that guy. Want to meet up for a drink and some fun with zero expectations for it to morph into a relationship?

What Our Reviewers Did Not Like About adulthookup

Our testers felt slightly misled by the way the free membership was presented, but that was their only real complaint with Once they had paying memberships, the site did exactly what it was meant to do, and they were all fully satisfied with the outcomes.

Safety Review

Safety on adulthookup is just about as good as it gets. The site’s encryption system protects your personal information, and the number of scam artists is considerably lower than on most sex buddy sites. Just remember, con artists pop up on every sex dating site, so if you’re contacted by someone who wants you to send them money or sends out a prostitute vibe, steer clear. Use common sense, and you’ll be totally safe.

Pricing / Billing Information

Yes, all sites offer free memberships, and in all cases they’re useless. adulthookup is no exception. However, there are several membership options, including a one day trial for $4.98. Silver membership is $24.95 for a month or $8.33 a month when you buy a 12 month package. Gold membership is $34.95, but the 18 month gold membership is the best deal on the site, at just $6.67 a month! There are three third-party billers used by adulthookup, so charges to your credit card will show up as either CCBill, SeqPay, Epoch, or my-billcc.

Result Summary

Our 25 testers range in ages from 23-37. They live in L.A.. NYC, Dallas, Seattle, and Miami, and used adulthookup for six months. Each tester sent between 67 and 124 emails. Those emails were answered and led to anywhere from 9 to 20 dates set up per guy. Full closes, the times when the guys actually scored, were considerably higher than most sites. The least number of full closes that any tester got was 1, and our top performer got laid by 13 different women! Most of the guys had full closes that were closer to the middle of the 1-13 range. These results left adulthookup as our #2 best set for finding sex buddies and open relationships.


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Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 23 98 18 12
Tester #2Age: 32 103 15 10
Tester #3Age: 27 78 9 8
Tester #4Age: 35 98 9 8
Tester #5Age: 29 101 17 12
Total  478 68 49


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 24 88 14 9
Tester #2Age: 29 115 17 10
Tester #3Age: 38 120 19 13
Tester #4Age: 26 111 14 7
Tester #5Age: 34 124 17 12
Total  558 81 51


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 26 101 15 9
Tester #2Age: 33 99 14 11
Tester #3Age: 27 67 9 2
Tester #4Age: 31 96 17 11
Tester #5Age: 24 101 13 6
Total  464 68 39


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 36 71 9 1
Tester #2Age: 38 91 13 8
Tester #3Age: 37 111 15 10
Tester #4Age: 38 102 12 8
Tester #5Age: 36 92 15 12
Total  467 64 39


Emails Sent Dates Set-Up Full Closes
Tester #1Age: 27 88 13 12
Tester #2Age: 30 81 20 9
Tester #3Age: 24 103 11 8
Tester #4Age: 24 67 15 11
Tester #5Age: 26 99 14 9
Total  438 73 50


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