Republican Vs Democrat: Who Makes the Best Sex Buddy

Republican-Vs-Democrat-Who-Makes-the-Best-Sex-BuddyAs election day is upon us and the country will decide between Crooked Hillary, and The Donald, it is truly impossible to go through life without noticing that some people make better sex buddies than others. As you grow older it becomes even more noticeable. People who make great sex buddies usually share a few other common qualities as well. Some are pretty obvious while others are quite the surprise. With the 2016 presidential election here, it’s fun to consider the sexual appetites of Republicans VS Democrats. You might be surprised by who you’d think would make the best sex buddy.

There have been only a few studies that have ventured into the arena of political sex preferences unless we are talking about scandals but when it comes to plain old non-headline making sex, not much is known about the differences in the parties. One study from Binghamton University entailed a survey of over 5000 participants who were asked various questions about their sex lives and political beliefs. Some pretty amazing answers were revealed.

The sexual appetite of liberal democrats is unmatched

Liberal democrats have more sex, according to the respondents, but republicans have better sex. More precisely, 53% of respondents who defined themselves as conservative Republicans said they reached orgasm every time they had sex, compared with 40% of liberal Democrats. This may be because more republicans are men, who also have less of a hard time reaching orgasm than women. Another fact that may play a part is that most republican women are older, which is when women begin having more orgasms. Since conservative republicans are said to be more rigid and traditional, once they find a sex partner that they can orgasm with, they stick with it. The democrats who were surveyed placed a higher value on independence, equality and sense of humor than actual lovemaking.

Republicans like to date within their comfort zone

Republicans showed more of an interest in finding someone of their own background and getting married than liberals. (Read divorce statistics by political party) Both parties only had about a 20% population of those who felt they had to marry someone of the same political party. So what does all this really mean? Which political party turns out the best sex buddies? The world may never know. In reality, there is no way of telling. Everyone has a different idea about what constitutes a great sex buddy. What seems like a dream come true to you will be a walking nightmare to the next guy.

Republicans are known to get freaky outdoors

Another fun sex fact revealed in this study was that republicans are more likely to have sex outdoors. Respondents admitted to sex in parks, mountains, barns and other fun spots. As a matter of fact, republican enjoy a sexy romp outdoors a little over 50% more than democrats. This little tidbit of information comes from a survey done by a dating app called Clover. Who would have thought? You, if you’re a republican.

Politics side get to know your sex buddy

Instead of trying to decipher which political party girl can give you the time of your life, try getting to know the person behind the party. Put political lines aside for a few hours and work your magic. You’ll need to focus on other portions of life for just a while to see if there is anything there besides a love for your favorite candidate or a love for arguing each other’s points. Pick a subject you are interested in and see if she can carry on a conversation about it. She doesn’t have to be an expert, or even have a working knowledge of the subject. She just has to listen attentively, ask questions that aren’t ridiculous and be interested in your responses. Pay attention to the things she talks about as well. Even if you have no idea of what the topic consists of, be attentive, polite and interested.

Talk to you sex buddy about more than just politics

Once you know you can talk to her on a variety of subjects, ask her out. Choose a neutral place for the first date. Make it somewhere that political climate isn’t an issue and no uncomfortable conversations are likely to crop up. Pay special attention to her. Bring flowers, open her doors, hang on her every word. Let her know that you are interested in dating her regardless of her political policies. Click Here to read why you should never talk politics on a first date. Lastly, check the climate of your political relationship with her. While you’re sure to already have a good grasp on her beliefs, now is the time to dig deeper. You have to decide if you can stand each other’s differing political views well enough to carry on a real relationship. Once you go on to give it a try, you’ll be able to decide for yourself if you think republicans or democrats are the best for sex buddy relationships.

Since everyone has a different idea of what makes a good sex buddy its way too hard to say which political party member is liable to give you the best roll in the hay.

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