Reasons Why You Want A Sex Buddy That Exercises

Reasons-Why-You-Want-A-Sex-Buddy-That-Exercises-You might think that every woman who is skinny is so because she exercises and every curvier woman is not a size two because she doesn’t exercise, but that’s just not the case. A person’s weight and size comes down to so much more than just hitting the gym. Nutrition of course matters, and genetics play a minor role as well.

So in a way, size only tells so much. What you should really be looking for in a sex buddy is someone who exercises. It will make all the difference in your sex life. Remember, exercising is more than just running or lifting weights. Some girls go to regular spin classes and others do yoga (and believe us, if you don’t think yoga is a spot, you obviously haven’t done it!).

So what are these benefits to having a sex buddy who exercises regularly. We can give you four great reasons right now.

1. She’s scientifically sexier

You can probably pick out the girls who exercise and workout when you’re sitting at your favorite bar. These are the girls with their heads held high, looking confidently around the room. They’re not sculling around or looking down at their feet. They seem to have a natural air of confidence that is instantly attractive.

Studies have shown that men are naturally more attracted to women who work out. A recent one conducted at McKendree University showed researchers that those who were seen as sporty or athletic were consider more attractive by the people who viewed them. The researches concluded that adrenaline played a major role in the perception of how attractive these people were. Hey, it’s science so it must be true, right?

2. She’s in the zone

Exercise does a lot more for the body than toning it. For example, many women chose to exercise to relieve stress and get it out of their systems. Yoga for example is all about focusing your mind on a certain task and not letting it wander away.

You can bet your sex buddy will bring this focus and attention into the bedroom. She’ll be concentrating on you and her, not letting her work, friends or family distract her from the task at hand. If you really want a no-strings-attached sex buddy, then you’ll need a girl who can keep her focus on just sex and not let anything else get in the way.

There’s also a good chance she’ll be more relaxed around you and in the bedroom. After exercising, she’ll probably feel less stressed and happier. As you probably know, exercise releases endorphins, the chemical that makes you happy. You don’t want a sex buddy who’s angry all the time. The endorphins will help her work through her frustrations with other aspects of her life so they don’t make their way into your relationship.

3. She’s ready for sex

A woman who loves to exercise is a woman with a strong libido, research says. In a study by the University of Texas in Austin, researchers had women watch porn after they completed an intense 20-minute cycling class. The results showed that the women who 169 percent more aroused than women who watched porn without exercising first.

And you’ve got to admit, her endurance is probably pretty intense. She’s already used to exercising through hour-long classes or going on long runs. She’ll be ready to go for a long session with you, and if she’s doing yoga, she’s probably pretty flexible too.

Women who exercise also have more testosterone in their bodies, which also boosts her sex drive. When lifting weights or cycling, the brain releases more testosterone into the bloodstream. This spikes a woman’s libido, and that’s really good news for you.

4. She’ll motivate you

The drive to exercise can be contagious, especially when you see it working so well for someone. Take a leaf out of your sex buddy’s book at get to the gym yourself. When you see how much happier she is and how great she looks naked, you might feel the same motivation to go out and improve your own body and mind.

There is so much more to exercising than just looking great naked or in a bathing suit. It’s also about training your mind and body to work together to achieve something great. As we said before, a girl who is skinny does not necessarily exercise so don’t let looks deceive you. Try to find a girl who really enjoys getting sweaty. Your sex buddy is probably feeling great about herself. Why not do the same for yourself?

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