How Open Relationships Are Taking Over Society

How-Open-Relationships-Are-Taking-Over-SocietyThere is no arguing that the sexual revolution has forged ahead in great leaps and bounds since the inception of this country. Women were once forbidden to show their ankles in public and now it isn’t uncommon to see a female in a bikini shopping at the local Walmart. Homosexual relationships, once forbidden, are now commonplace in society and accepted legally in many states. It is no surprise, with all these sexual advances, that open relationships would become more mainstream. Today’s society is focused on perusing happiness and individual goals. Women, more than ever before, are living successful lives independent of husbands and family. Romantic relationships are taking a backseat to school, career and independent goals. That isn’t to say romance isn’t important in current societal values. It is. Hence the problem, monogamous marriage doesn’t always work, but people still want to be together. That is where the open relationship comes in.

Look No Further Than The World Wide Web

The internet has fostered part of the new movement toward open relationships. People curious about the open relationship lifestyle are able to search out information online. Many are curious about the mental and physical aspects as well as the societal issues involved in living in an open relationship. The internet also offers the curious a chance to find others involved in the lifestyle. Forums are designed to put people together with similar interests to learn from each other. Television has also been a showcase for open relationships in recent years. Shows like Big Love and Sister Wives show the lives of men with several wives all devoted to him, but more recent shows like Fox’s Utopia featured a polyamorous citizen and discussed her relationships often. Celebrities aren’t shy about announcing their open relationships with popular names like Jada and Will Smith, comedienne Mo’Nique and Gabrielle Union maintaining long-standing, public open relationships. Mainstream print media has also picked up on the trend and reports are usually favorable. Articles from The Huffington Post and The Guardian have been favorable.

The internet has also helped by making it easier than ever before for the general public to be involved in pushing public sector agendas like gay rights and other non-traditional ideals. Websites abound where regular people can start petitions to do everything from put the A-Team back on prime time to legalize marijuana and impeach the President. The important thing to note here is that people take notice. If a petition gets enough signatures, somebody is going to hear about it. Non-traditional ideals are in the public eye like never before and they are taking strides in their agendas. More and more people in the general public are aware of open relationships and seeing proof that it works in their communities and people they admire.

Open Relationships Offer Many Benefits

The simple truth is the benefits of living in an open relationship seem to far outweigh the disadvantages for many couples. Many people feel monogamy is outdated and that people were never meant to be happy in that type of relationship. Other people have such busy lives, they are not able to maintain a steady ongoing relationship with the same person with outside stimulation and other people are just easily bored or sexually charged, leaving them unhappy in a monogamous relationship regardless of how in love they are. People centered on a career or education or any life goal are often drawn to open relationships because it takes some of the sexual pressure out of a relationship. More and more research and studies are being done, pointing to the many and varied advantages to open relationships.

Those in these types of relationships tout their ability to realize many aspects of romance and sexuality as opposed to only what you can garner from one partner. They claim open relationships differ from casual sex in that each relationship is meaningful not just sexually but romantically and emotionally. There is a connection, a chemistry between everyone involved, which they claim gives them a deeper, more satisfying relationship. It gives the participants a chance to grow and expand their personality that otherwise would not be afforded. The key is honesty and trust, without either of which an open relationship cannot exist.

Despite the advantages, there is still some stigma to deal with. Much of the general public, especially in rural areas, do not understand or believe in the lifestyle or its benefits and cast aspersions at those who do. Like any other unpopular lifestyle choice, it can be overcome and the recent mainstream attention is a good sign.

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