How an Open Relationship Can Save Your Dating Woes

How an Open Relationship Can Save Your Dating WoesDating woes. Everyone’s got ‘em, right? Well, not quite. They’re common, to be sure, but there is one subset of the population that experiences significantly fewer problems and frustrations with dating than everyone else. People in open relationships tend to be much happier and fulfilled with their situations than the general public. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that maybe dating just isn’t worth it, maybe it’s time for you to consider an open relationship.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

The number one problem that most men complain about when it comes to dating is sexual dissatisfaction. Whether it’s that they don’t have sex as often as they’d like, or that sex has become boring and routine, and that they crave more variety, a lot of guys are pretty miserable with what they’re receiving in the bedroom. An open relationship can solve this problem once and for all. When you’re free to have sex with more than one person, it’s likely that you’ll be having sex a lot more often. Not only will you have more sex, it won’t be boring and routine, because you’ll be getting the variety you’re biologically hardwired to crave.

Emotional Drama

Another dating woe that most guys come up against on a regular basis is the emotional drama that is so common in committed relationships. Whether it’s fights about not spending enough time together or tears and falling apart because you looked at another woman, it’s a rare week that goes by that most guys don’t experience some form of emotional drama with the women they date. By comparison, open relationships typically have very little emotional drama to contend with. This is in part due to the nature of the relationship, and in part because of the type of women who seek out open relationships. In open relationships, it’s a given that you won’t be spending all of your time together. It’s also a given that you will see other women. In other words, you both maintain your own lives outside of each other. The type of women who are drawn to open relationships tend to be less emotionally driven, less jealous, and more independent. Chances are high that if a woman is seeking an open relationship, she’s as eager as you are to avoid the emotional flare-ups.

Being at Her Beck and Call

You know the drill. In most relationships, it’s a given that if the woman wants you to do something, you’re going to drop everything to do it. Whether that means canceling plans with friends to go shopping with her or spending your weekend visiting with her parents and helping her mow the lawn, you’re expected to just do it. What you’d rather be doing doesn’t matter that much, and if you say no, you’ll be accused of being selfish and uncaring. In an open relationship, expectations are different. Everyone knows from the beginning that you’re both going to have your own lives, and she’s not going to think you’re an awful person if you don’t feel like doing something she wants to do. She’ll get it, because she’s got her own life, too, and she isn’t going to want to drop her plans to be with you, either.

She Wants More Than You

One of the most awkward and frustrating conventional dating woes is mismatched expectations about where the relationship is going. Not always, but generally speaking, this means that the woman wants a more serious and committed relationship than the guy. Sometimes this is due to communication issues or the guy being less than honest. Sometimes it’s because the woman’s feeling changed in ways she didn’t anticipate as time went by. Almost always, it’s because it’s sort of the general expectation with conventional dating that this is how things go. The longer you’re together, the more serious and committed the relationship is supposed to get. And eventually you’ll either move in together, get married, or break up. Because what other options are there? In an open relationship, the expectations are entirely different, because it is made clear from the beginning that no matter how much time goes by, both of you want to keep your freedom and ability to hook up with whoever you want. Instead of a “natural progression” of a relationship, it’s the realization that if something is working well, it doesn’t need to change, and in fact, changing it could make a good thing go bad.

Give It a Try

If it sounds too good to be true, I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself. If you’ve been suffering through years, or even decades, of dating woes, you owe it to yourself to shift the paradigm and experience dating in a whole new way. An open relationship may end up being just the thing to bring your woes to an end. What do you have to lose? If you’re unhappy with the way things are, you either choose to stay in the same misery or to try something new. Opt for the something new. Life is short. Enjoy it while you can.

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