3 New Sex Positions You Must Try with Your Sex Buddy

Sex buddy relationships are strange things. You share intimate parts of your life (and body) with this person and yet you do not consider the relationship serious. You classify the sex as casual and yet it is something that can take a lot of planning and forethought. The focus is on enjoyment but sometimes the pressure of just getting her there is enough to make you a bit nervous. After a few times, things begin to warm up and become more comfortable but you still want to keep the fires burning. Sex with the same woman can get predictable, no matter how good at it she is. It never hurts to add a new position or two to the routine. Below you’ll find three new sex positions you really must try with your sex buddy if you want to keep her your sex buddy.

The Corkscrew is a Sex Position You Must Try with Your Sex Buddy

Sex Position - The CorkscrewIf the two of you are craving a little deeper penetration than you can usually manage, the corkscrew is a great position to try out. It is an easy position to get things going extra hot because it starts with you behind her standing up. So next time she is leaning over the bed folding clothes or straightening the sheets you can give it a go. As she leans over and supports herself on her forearms and keeps her thighs close together, you slide in from behind. The added tightness of the closed thighs is great friction and she can help in the drive by edging backward with your forward thrusts. Your hands are kept free to rub her back and play in her hair for an added bonus.

The Caboose is a Sex Position You Must Try with Your Sex Buddy

Sex Position - The Caboose The Caboose is a move you can pull when you are already going at it pretty hard. But not too far into it because you have to be sitting up. Place her on your lap facing away from you. One leg hangs off the bed and is used to help push yourself up and into her. Since you are facing away from each other it adds to the fantasy and helps build excitement. Your hands are free in this one too so use it to your advantage and cup her breasts and play with her hair. You can also grab her waist and help life her up and down. It could be hard for her to do it if her legs are stretched out straight.

Magic Mountain is a Sex Position You Must Try with Your Sex Buddy

Sex Position - Magic Mountain Magic Mountain is an unusual sex position because you cannot touch each other with your hands. Facing each other in a sitting position with knees up and legs bent, lean back on your hands and arms. She will assume the same position in front of you. Inch closer to each other until you can slide inside her. Her legs will go around the outside of your thighs as she slips into place. Your facing each other but to far apart to kiss and your hands are behind you to hold you up, so you can’t touch. It is an amazingly sensual experience. Beside your naughty parts, the only way to connect is with your eyes. It is a huge turn on. She can use her arms and feet to hoist herself onto you and thrust down over you while you push upward to create an amazing friction.

There are way more than three great positions to try with your sex buddy but the three mentioned here never fail to wow. Once you have tried and perfected these awesome moves, go on to other, more adventurous techniques. Being sexually open and adventurous isn’t easy for everyone so keep that in mind when you approach the topic with your sex buddy. You want to make sure she always feels comfortable. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all women can get themselves in these positions. It may be something you have to try more than once or even work into after a span of time. You can also modify any of these sex moves to make them more physically comfortable for you or her if you’re having trouble.

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