A Look At The New Sex Buddy Apps So Far In 2018

We are always looking for the newest and the best in the products we use. We want the best laundry detergent, so we have the cleanest clothes. We want the fastest cars and the most colorful televisions. The same thing applies when it comes to the sex buddy apps we use. We want them to be fun, aesthetic, easy and successful. While there weren’t many new sex buddy apps in 2018, there were a lot of improvements and updates. The best sex buddy apps are truly a personal question. Everyone’s needs are different, so the right sex buddy app for you might not be the right one for the next guy.

Blendr – Sex buddy apps for one-night-stands

This sight is definitely geared toward a sex buddy relationship. Especially if you think of a one-night-stand sex as sex buddy sex. The trick to this sex buddy app is that it connects people that live within a certain biographical area. It uses your Facebook data to find matches for you that live or work within a specific area. It comes from the same guys that gave us Grindr, the uber-popular sex buddy app for gay men. —> Download Blendr

Tingle – Sex buddy apps for the safety conscious

It seems like there is a data leak on the news every other night. People can scam your credit card numbers from gas pumps, department stores, and online shops. We’ve all been warned of the dangers of using apps and downloading games onto our computers and smartphones. We can save our data and just hope it doesn’t get sold to some third-party company. Tingle, however, makes it safer by not sharing your data, GPS location and allowing chat and messaging right on the sight. —> Download Tingle

Diskreet – Sex buddy app for Video

This one is a big deal folks. Never has there been a sex buddy app specifically for home porn and the safety issues it brings to mind. Seriously, if you are going to do a sex tape, use this sex buddy app. You have to be together to access it. You can’t do anything hinky with it. If one of you gets mad after the break-up, you can’t leak it or share it. You can make some pretty cool videos with it too. Just saying. Not to mention it is the only sex buddy app for making video. —> Download Diskreet

Sexy Vibes – Sex buddy app for a personal touch

This sex buddy app is breaking new frontiers. It is the closest thing we have to real live sex without doing it. You and your sex buddy download the app. You can control the way it feels to her by stroking, tapping and rubbing your screen. She feels the vibrations of your pattern. You can even save them to play with later. If you’re in the mood for something more anonymous you can log on and be in control of a woman’s vibrator they hook you up with. Sexy Vibes sex buddy app is as close to real sex by Internet as you will find. —> Download Sexy Vibes

Pure – Sex buddy app with No Strings Attached

Pure is always getting better. It is a sex buddy app geared only toward those who want no strings attached. After sign-up, you are asked when and where you’d like to hook up. After that you get a series of matches. The opportunity only lasts for an hour. At that time your info and photo are deleted from the site so its great for privacy concerns. —> Download Pure

Not all of these sex buddy apps are new but they all have new features and services to offer users. The key to finding a sex buddy app that is successful for you is to try several of them. Think back to your school days and stretch out those research muscles. Do some online searches for sex buddy apps. Add in some specific key words to see if you can find a few that really speak to you. Be sure to check out the ones here, as well. It wont take long to narrow it down to just a few go-to sex buddy apps and maybe even just one or two will fit all your needs.

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