Learning To Read Her Subtle Body Language Hints

Learning-To-Read-Her-Subtle-HintsPicture this: you’re sitting in a bar when you suddenly lock eyes with a gorgeous woman across the room. You hold the gaze for a few seconds, she smiles and finally looks away. You know that by the end of the night you want to try and get her phone number, but wait, was she looking at you? Was that a smile or a grimace? Does she want you to walk over and say something?

Reading a woman’s subtle hints is no easy task. From her eyes t her hands, there are tons of ways a woman may be silently communicating to you. Your job is to pick up on it and decipher it, and depending on how you decode her, it could be the difference between “Take me home” and “Leave me alone.”

Need some help? Check out this ultimate guide to learning to read subtle hints.

Body Language

Most men are terrified at the idea of reading a woman’s body language, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. The key is to be perceptive and look for little clues in how the woman is standing, where her hands are and where she’s looking as you interact. Learn these signs and you’ll be able to tell when she’s into you and when you should cut your loses.

Eyes: When a woman locks eyes with you from a distance, drops your gaze for a few seconds and then picks it back up again, you are basically getting a green light. While it’s not a sure thing that she’ll give you her number, you should feel confident enough to approach her and strike up a conversation. From there, you’ll have to drive the conversation.

If you lock eyes and she looks away quickly, all may not be lost. She might not have see you or she could have been looking at someone else around you. You can still approach this woman, but don’t make any assumptions.

A woman’s eye contact in a conversation can tell you everything you need to know about her interest level and you should be able to tell whether she’s interested or not. For example:

● If she’s making eye contact with you, she’s interested

● If her gaze shifts from your eyeballs to her watch or phone, she might be be politely trying to tell you that she’s board. Either ask for her number now before she gets too bored or say goodbye.

● If she seems to be avoiding your gaze and glances over at her friends often, bow out gracefully. She’s signaling for help and she wants to get away from you. Tell her to have a good night and bow out gracefully.

Posture: Pay attention to the way a woman stands or sits around you. You may not be able to tell exactly if she’s interested, but you will definitely be able to tell if she is not.

If a woman is genuinely interested in talking to you, she will stand or sit directly in front of you or at least twist her torso to face you. Even if she’s sitting on a bar stool, she will turn to face you if she’s truly interested in you. Her arms and legs will also be uncrossed.

A woman who is turned away from you or is in any way showing her back to you may not be interested. In a way, the back is sort of a wall between the two of you. Her shoulder will be directly pointed at you, creating an invisible line barrier that she probably doesn’t want you to cross. Her arms and legs will more than likely be crossed, and she’ll probably look closed to you.

Smile: Most men tend to think a smile is an instant “yes,” but that’s rarely the case. Women, and men too, are conditioned to be polite and smile at others, even when they do not like the people around them. Don’t automatically think of a smile as an invitation. You two may just happen to lock eyes and she’s trying to be polite.

A smile is a polite smile if it looks like this:

● Closed mouth, tight-lipped

● Appears plastered on, as if she’s trying too hard

● Doesn’t reach the eyes

A genuine smile reaches the eyes and is usually open-mouthed. It will engage the whole mouth, not just the eyes, and you’ll be able to see small crinkles or wrinkles around her eyes. This is a solid signal so if you see her smile at you like this, go talk to her pronto!

Learning to read a woman’s subtle hints is the first step to learning how to successfully pick up women. Master listening to what she never says and you’ll be on your way to scoring more phone numbers each time you go out.

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