Knowing When it’s Time to End it With Your Fbuddy

A fun, mutually open, no-strings-attached, fbuddy relationship is one of the most enjoyable stations of life. You have all the benefits of a relationship with none of the drama. Sex and plenty of it, being the most obvious perk but there are many more. Imagine having a great relationship but one where you can take a break when things get boring or too heavy. That’s basically an fbuddy relationship. Sadly, like all great things in life, there is a time to end it for one and for all. It isn’t always easy to know when that time is upon you. One of the great things about an fbuddy relationship is its transient nature. There is nothing permanent or serious about an fbuddy. It’s all fun and games which makes it that much harder to know when it is time to end it all. There are a few tips to keep in mind when your making this difficult decision.

Your Fbuddy Isnt Fun Anymore

There was once a time when you could look at your fbuddy and know without a doubt that the evening was going to be fun. You could hardly wait to be alone with her in anticipation of the pleasures that awaited the two of you. Now, she isn’t as happy-go-lucky for one reason or another. She hasn’t been as excited to spend time with you as before and the time you do spend together is nowhere near as exciting as it used to be. The whole idea behind having a fbuddy is to have fun and enjoy yourself When that stops happening, there is no sense in continuing.

Circumstances Change

People move on with their lives. Time moves forward. Circumstances come together and fall apart and life is ever changing. She may take a new job that monopolizes her time. Her mom might get sick or some family emergency may alter her life. You might meet someone else. Anything can happen that will make things change between the two of you. You may wish it didn’t have to be, or you may be glad its over. Either way, when life starts getting in the way, it is time to let go of your fbuddy.

Your Fbuddy is Getting Distant

Have you noticed that the only time you hear from her is when she’s drunk and horny or when she’s run out of gas? When you’re drunk and horny she mysteriously disappears. – Read why Drinking Makes You Horny Here – If things are getting a bit distant between you and your fbuddy it is probably time to call it quits. The heat has cooled and its better to part ways while you still feel good about each other. The beauty of these relationships allows you to do just that with no hard feelings.

Your Fbuddy Gets a BF or You Get a GF

When another person enters the relationship, on your side or hers, it is best to make things strictly platonic in fairness to the other person. Things could turn terrible for both of you when you bring in another person unwittingly. Not everyone will be so willing to join a nonconventional relationship. Not telling them when they are in for is a recipe for disaster. Another point to keep in mind is that you (or her) are starting a new relationship and it should be done on a one to one basis. No fbuddies allowed.

When Your Fbuddy Catches Feelings its Time to Call it Quits

Having an fbuddy who isn’t on the same page as you are is a recipe for disaster. It just isn’t as pleasurable when you are both feeling two different kinds of ways. A great example of this is if one of you should catch feelings and the other one doesn’t. The person who begins caring more starts to get jealous and trouble ensues.

It isn’t easy to know when it is time to end it with your fbuddy. Things can seem to be ending when you really just need a break. On the other hand, you may feel like everything is great, but life throws you a curve ball. It all boils down to how your feeling and where you are both going with the relationship.

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