Is Craig’s List Safe for Meeting a Sex Buddy?

Trying to meet a sex buddy is always a risky thing. Unless she is a longtime friend or someone you have known them personally for a while there is always a bit of risk involved. That also goes for any time you are meeting someone you don’t already know, but when the intention is to meet for sex the stakes are higher. You are at a weak moment and can more easily be taken advantage of. Taking precautions and being aware is the best line of protection. Click Here For General Safety When meeting someone Online.

Years ago, there weren’t as many stories of people getting hurt or taken advantage of on Craiglist casual encounters pages. Either people really just wanted to hook up and then the scavengers realized the potential of a bunch of horny people, or it was under reported in the beginning days. For whatever reason, Craigsist is not safe to meet a sex buddy without extreme precaution and even then, there is considerable risk.

Meet a Sex Buddy Local

One of the greatest precautions you can take is meeting someone that is a local resident. It is much harder to cover illegal tracks if you are from the area. People know you, either by name or reputation. It is harder to go undetected when you are a familiar face in town. Most people who try to scam or rob someone from Craiglist will already have a criminal record. They are almost guaranteed to get caught running a scam in their own neighborhood.

Meet a Sex Buddy in Public

Always remember to meet a sex buddy in public for the first time. Pick somewhere crowded with a lot of witnesses. It can be a bar or a restaurant or a play or the theater but make sure it isn’t so crowded that you can be abducted in front of a everyone and no one realize it.

Trust Your Gut When You Go Out to Meet a Sex Buddy

Most people’s intuition is pretty accurate if you give it a chance. If you feel like there is something hinky about the person, there probably is. Having a funny feeling about something is the body’s way of letting us know that something isn’t right. Proceed with caution.

Gather the 411

A great way to protect yourself before you ever leave the house is to get all the information you can checked out before you go out to meet a sex buddy. Name, address, phone number – all of that is pertinent info and if you can get it, check it out immediately. Place of employment, type of car, and anything else that you come across can be potentially lifesaving information. If nothing you find is checking out, you know right away to steer clear.

Take a Friend to Meet a Sex Buddy

I know it sounds weird but it doesn’t hurt to find a friend willing to go with you when you meet a sex buddy for the first time. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to sit in a chair beside the bed, but it can mean they are right outside the door. Having another person with you, even outside, can drastically improve your chances of not getting murdered by a crazy CraigList Killer.

Look Your Worst

Just kidding but definitely do not put on your finest. Don’t wear expensive jewelry and do not carry expensive electronics. Keep low key so you don’t look like the juiciest target to come into the room in six months.

While CraigsList can be beneficial as a hookup site, it isn’t the safest route to go. It also lacks some of the social graces you can take for granted at other more traditional sex buddy sites (List of 5 wild online dating sites). If there is any other route to go for a casual sex encounter, try it before you pull someone from CraigsList. If not, stay aware of the dangers and take precautions against them. Use common sense and most importantly, put it to use. Do not get so overwhelmed by the prospect of sex that you overlook all the red lights.

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