How to Use Pokémon Go To Meet A Sex Buddy

How-to-Use-Pokemon-Go-to-Meet-a-Sex-BuddyDeciding to find a sex buddy can be a taxing experience. You aren’t the first guy to tell yourself that hottie over there is far too attractive to want a guy like you. Girls like that aren’t always easy to approach. Or are they? Have you ever stopped to think that there are women out there looking for the same thing you are? In every place you go, every day, there is a hottie looking for NSA sex. Why isn’t that you? You’re obviously not taking advantages of all your opportunities. The Pokémon Go craze is the latest thing to enter the social cosmos. Those who aren’t tuned-in to prevalent culture watch in astonishment as others promenade through public places glued to their phones, chasing anime characters through reality and virtual reality in chorus. Those who are conscious of the trends civilization goes through have the chance to take the lead in the trends fame and use it to increase their own brand’s earning power. The status of super-trends like Pokémon Go can be easily used to enhance the everyday lives of its users. It is even more relevant when it comes to social happenings such as dating. Pokémon Go (Read about couples who met on Pokémon Go) is especially helpful in finding a fuck buddy because of its revolutionary standing, and its ability to get players out into the world and interrelating with each other.

Meet A Sex Buddy With The Singles Bar of the Pokémon World

To tell the truth, Pokéstops are a whole heck of a lot like singles bars. Players and bystanders gather in crowds watching, playing, laughing, and talking. When all the Pokémon have been caught the players are often still hanging around. They have so much fun together they want it to continue and usually end up taking the party somewhere else. Some studies show Pokémon Go as a way for sufferers of social anxiety to get out and meet people because of its tension-free interface. Most groups carry on the party at a local bar or hang out. There is no two ways around it, Pokéstops are great places to meet people, even they only exist in a virtual reality.

More than a Pokémon Battle is On the Line When Meeting A Sex Buddy

Many players say they have or would go out with someone they battled at a Pokémon Gym. Some even take it a step further and make the battle a lot sexier. Challenge that hot PokeMaster to a Pokebattle and make sure she knows winner takes all, including a goodnight smooch. It doesn’t have to be a huge extravagant gesture. Suggesting the loser buys the first cocktail of the night or a coffee and donut consolation prize will usually do the trick. Whichever route you decide to take, don’t take it personal if you get a rejection. Try again. You’ve set yourself apart as hip and entertaining. Don’t hold back now.

Having Your Buddies Around is Normal

Having a great crew to back you up, means you don’t often have trouble getting out of the house. Going out with the gang makes everything easier. You feel accepted as part of a group and there is security on that. Part of what makes this game so fun is that it’s perfectly normal to gather your pals and head out to hunt and battle Pokémon. Facebook groups and other online communities abound to organize hunts and battles. Click Here to find a Pokémon group in your town. Joining one of those groups helps to gain even more friends to play with. Invite your coworkers, grocery bagger and mechanic to play with you. You will run into other groups out doing the same thing and before you know it, you have found yourself a sex buddy.

Hope Reigns Eternal When Meeting A Sex Buddy On Pokémon Go

To play the game, you must move around in the real world and interact with real live players. This brilliantly turns it into a quasi-dating app. The GPS features of the smartphone make this game even more headline grabbing. It has changed the face of in-phone games but also criminality. So powerful is it, criminals have used it to locate people standing alone in Pokéstops. These stops are everywhere from a grocery store or service station to a park or memorial. Players can sit game pieces at a Pokéstops to attract a specific type of Pokémon. In turn, they attract other players. That’s where you find the sex buddy of your dreams, approach her, and spend the rest of the summer enjoying your friendship.

Pokémon Go is so much more than just a game. It is a revolutionary new way to meet people that combines the ease and anonymity of online dating with a real face to face interface that have never happened before. Take advantage of it. There is no time like the present. Get out there and catch yourself a little Squirttle.

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