How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Let’s face it. You blew it. Things started out great, but somewhere along the line you really screwed the pooch and now you find yourself in the dreaded friend zone. For most guys, it happens something like this:

You meet a woman and she is amazeballs. She is the epitome of everything you find attractive in women and seems to be digging you too. Being around her makes you feel happy and content. You get a nice warm feeling in the pit of your stomach and realize that you could spend some time with this lady for a large portion of your life. She laughs easily in your presence. The two of you never fail to have a good time when your together. Just when you’re about to make a move, you are hit with crippling self-doubt. You think she is into you too, but you just aren’t quite sure what to say or when to say it. You finally summon up the backbone to approach the subject and she hits you with I just want to stay friends. Ouch.

So now that you have found yourself in this unsavory position, what you really want to know is how to get out of the friend zone. Rest assured, there is a way to get out of the friend zone (Do it the naughty way) and it doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be out of the friend’s zone before you know it.

Take it in Stride to Get out of the Friend’s Zone

You can’t get out of the friend’s zone if you don’t accept you’re in there. Moping, pouting and otherwise childish behavior doesn’t help either. The only course of action available is to accept it and begin to deal with it. Don’t beg her to give you a chance. Do not try to change her mind. Doing so could very well push her away from you completely. Instead, begin to switch your focus from her and how you feel about her to you and how to cope with it sanely.

Work on Yourself to Get out of the Friend Zone

This important step not only works to get her attention but also improves your self-esteem. Most of all, you gain something that a relationship cannot give you and that is often more than enough. Learn a new language. Start a new hobby or join a sports team. Spend time at the gym or take a karate class. Whatever you decide to do, do it wholeheartedly. Put everything you got into it. Taking this time to concentrate on something you enjoy will add another dimension to your life and make you a more well-rounded person and more attractive to others.

Open Your Network to Get Out of the Friend’s Zone

The best thing anyone can do when they get turned down is to meet other people. See what else is out there but also sharpen your people skills and learn better ways of flirting and communication. Hone your game to a fine-tuned machination of charm and character no woman can resist. Seeing you out and about, paying attention to other women, and more importantly – them paying attention to you, may spark some interest in the girl you’re trying to get out of the friend’s zone with.

Jump Back in To Get Out of the Friend’s Zone

Here is where you make your first big move. Once you have done all of the above steps, and you must do them all, you can then ask her out on a platonic non-date date. It is even better if many people in your friends circle are going. Make it as platonic as possible. Begin to hang out with her during every day, boring activities like shopping and dropping off clothes to Goodwill. Let her catch a whiff of your new-found confidence. Engage in some harmless ribbing and silly flirting (Watch Video) and then immediately ignore her and move on to something else. Show off your masculinity and make sure she sees it.

There are ways to get out of the friend’s zone. It isn’t the death sentence it has been made out to be. Use it to help you make a deeper connection and it will be a thing of the past.

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