How To End It With Your Casual Relationship

How-To-End-It-With-Your-Casual-RelationshipWhen it comes time to end a casual relationship, you know it. The dates have perhaps gotten quieter and quieter or you find you’re just not sexually compatible with this person. All of these are good reasons to end a casual relationship because if it’s time to go, it’s just time to go.

Of course, you are not heartless, and you need to end the relationship if for no other reason than not having this person text you anymore. Need a good way to do it? Check out our tips for ending a casual relationship.

What To Do

There are a few different tactics you can try to break the ice and lead to an end to the relationship. Here’s how.

Approach #1 – Introduce it yourself: The next time you’re out for coffee or drinks, simply ask the other person, “What are we?” This forces the other person to give an answer before you can fully give yours. It might be that this person feels the same way. If so, she might be grateful you brought it up first.

This is one of the preferred tactics because it let’s you build up to the eventual letdown. The other person won’t feel so blindsided by your feelings and will at least appreciate your honesty.

Do not try to end a relationship at your home or hers. The other person probably won’t want to cause a scene in a public place or have a long, intimate conversation with another person sitting only a few feet away.At a bar or coffee shop, you can pay for your drinks and head out as soon as things are officially settled.

Approach #2 – I’m going to be honest with you: While it’s been said that honesty is the best policy, this tactic might be a little too forward, but it is nevertheless effective at getting the message across.

While sitting at a coffee shop or bar, simply tell the other person your honest feelings. Take a deep breath and try to say what you really need in the nicest way possible. Don’t accuse the other person of not being pretty, adventurous in bed or “not enough.” Just tell her that although you like her, you just don’t see the relationship progressing any further.

This tactic is a little more forward, and it doesn’t give the other person a chance to prepare for what you’re about to say to them. That being said, you can’t deny that this does get the message across without much fuss.

Approach #3 – It’s not you, it’s me: We’ve all heard this one. It’s a classic break up line, and it is certainly effective. You can always tell a woman that you are just not in the right place for a relationship or you’re not ready to be serious.

Though this tactic is often seen as disingenuous and fake, it will end a relationship just as quickly as it potentially started.

What Not To Do

Now that we’ve discussed what to do, here are a few tips on what not to do:

Approach #1 – Do not give her the silent treatment: Even if the relationship was only casual, give this person the respect of formally ending the relationship. Ignoring texts and phone calls can only hurt you in the long run because you never know who this person might talk to down the line. She might spread rumors about your performance or equipment.

Approach #2 – Texting “it’s over” and leave it at that: If you were to be fired from your job, is that the type of message you would want to receive? Even in casual relationships, it’s good to give the other person closure and let them know for certain that it’s over.

Since this is a casual relationship, you don’t have to write a novel or deliver any type of a speech. If both of you have been clear that this relationship was only physical, then this woman probably doesn’t need to know every reason.

Approach #3 – If anyone asks, it was a mutual decision to end it: This goes back to the rumor mill. After ending the relationship, don’t try to tell everyone you know and brag about being “on the market.” Just keep your cool and move on with dignity.

Remember, the key to ending a casual relationship is not to burn bridges. You two might find yourselves in other social situations, and your history will only make these meetings uncomfortable. Be honest and direct with the other person, but never cruel.

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