How to Be the Perfect Sex Buddy

How to Be the Perfect Sex BuddyYou’ve got a great sex buddy. She’s hot. She’s great in bed. She’s cool to be around. And she doesn’t want a relationship. You’re probably feeling like you’ve hit the sex buddy jackpot! If you want to keep her coming back for more, you need to step up your game. Girls like that don’t come along every day, and if you’re not on top of the situation, she’ll move on quickly. Here are some tips to help you be the perfect sex buddy.

Make Sure She Has a Great Time in the Sack

Sex is what it’s all about, right? That means that she’s not going to have a whole lot of motivation to stick around if the sex is bad. First and foremost, make sure she’s getting off. If your skills aren’t what they could be, improve them. Read tutorials. Ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like. If she’s not happy with your performance, don’t get defensive. Thank her for being honest and ask her what would make it better for her. Women rarely have men ask for this sort of feedback, so she might be taken off guard at first, but she’ll really appreciate it that you care enough to make sure that the sex is good for her.

Show Appreciation for Her Sexual Skills

If she gives the best head you’ve ever experienced, tell her. Moan your appreciation to her. Tell her how good it feels. If she takes the reigns and watching her dominate you is totally hot, tell her how sexy she looks and how much it turns you on. Make her feel like a total sex goddess, then watch what happens. Chances are higher than not that she’s going to get even more turned on, and she’ll be inspired to crank it up another notch. Inspiring her to feel like the bomb in bed can only benefit you. After you’ve done the deed, say thanks. Let her know you had a great time, and you hope she did, too. These parting words will stick with her and make it all the more likely that she’s going to want to come back for more.

Keep Her Interest In Between Times Seeing Each Other

A common mistake that a lot of guys make is not contacting their sex buddies unless it’s to set up a time to get together. While it’s true that you don’t want to call and text her incessantly, you also can’t ignore her entirely unless you want to meet for sex. If you do, she’s going to get totally bored and write you off. Make contact at least once a week. Send her a flirty text, detailing something you’d like to do to her. Forward her something you read online that you know she’d think is hilarious. Keep it light. You’re not sending her love notes. You’re just letting her know she’s on your radar and keeping her interested. Sexy or funny should be the vibe of the bulk of your communications. Don’t get deep or heavy.

Don’t Make Her Feel Like You’re Stalking Her

On the flipside of the guys who disappear entirely when they’re not getting together for sex are the ones who get a little bit stalker-ish. Remember, this chick is your sex buddy, not your girlfriend. She’s probably not going to appreciate it if you start calling or texting her all day, and she definitely won’t like it if you take it a step further and start showing up at her house or work unannounced. It’s not going to make her hot for you, it’s going to give her the creeps and make her feel like she needs to get rid of you, stat.



The Wrap-Up

In order to be the perfect sex buddy, there are just a few things to keep in mind, and they aren’t that difficult. First of all, brush up your sexual skills if they need it. Make sure she’s having a great time in bed. Second of all, make sure she knows that you’re appreciative of her sexual abilities. Why should she keep giving you great sex if you’re not letting her know that you like it? Third, strike a balance on contacting her. About once or twice a week is usually good. Any less than that, and she’s going to forget about you and find other guys to satisfy her sexual needs. Any more than that and she’s either going to get the message that you want a relationship or that you’re a creepy stalker. If the sex is good, she feels appreciated, and you keep communication regular but light, your sex buddy will probably be pretty thrilled with how things are going. These simple steps are the keys to keeping a great thing going, so study up. You’ll be happy with the results.

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