How To Approach An Open Relationship

How-to-approach-an-open-relationshipAn open relationship is when all parties involved are agreeable to having other romantic and physical relationships simultaneously. It has been looked down upon by society for decades but many find it to be preferable to monogamy. There are many different types of open relationships, each as unique and diverse as the people involved. In some instances, married or long-time couples decide they want to open their relationship. In other circumstances, a man may find himself tired of monogamy and feel a need to engage in a variety of relationships with no steady commitment. The guidelines and rules of the open relationship will be heavily dependent upon the individuals involved. Likewise, approaching an open relationship depends on the people participating.

If you’re single and looking for an open relationship, the first thing to keep in mind is honesty. While this may seem contradictory at first, you must give it more thought before it becomes clear. Many guys mistakenly believe to have an open relationship, you must lie. Not true. They key is actually complete honesty. Be exceedingly clear from the onset that you are not interested in monogamy. Make no bones about it. State your relationship beliefs in the early stages of the relationship. Open relationships require communication and trust to be successful, just as any other type of relationship. . Trust is important in all types of relationships and if you would like to keep an open relationship with someone in particular, there must be trust involved. What’s there to be honest about? We sleep with other people! The answer to that question is simple; everything. Being open about who else you’re sleeping with and whatever else affects her, will help to build a trust between you two. You can’t even build a successful friendship without trust. It is important everywhere.

Guidelines are another feature of open relationships. It doesn’t matter if you just met this girl or you’ve been married 20 years, you must have clear guidelines in place. Establishing what definitely will and will not be accepted within the boundaries of the relationship takes out the guesswork and makes it easier to enjoy the relationship. You are fully aware of what is cool and what isn’t. It is important to compromise and employ a little give and take interaction when deciding the guidelines. Everyone has their own comfort zone and level and should be respected. Setting up the guidelines is only half the battle. Make sure they are all things you can deal with because the hardest part of setting guidelines is following them. Do not bring anything into the relationship you agreed not to. Breaking a guideline is untrustworthy behavior and ultimately leads to the destruction of the relationship.

Every step of an open relationship should be clear and honest. The situation can take a turn for the worse in a hurry if those essential rules are not followed. This includes being clear and honest with yourself. If you find yourself getting more serious feelings for her, or even loosing feelings for her. Acknowledge and accept it to yourself. Start a new open relationship slow, for best results. Make sure not to spend more time with her than your earlier relationships. This can cause jealous and hard feelings, which leads to general discontent and an eventual end to the relationship. No fun.

These same rules apply if you are attempting to embark on an open relationship with a long-term partner, and then some. If this is the case, it’s important not to force the issue. Open a dialogue about open marriage with your partner first by showing you have no adverse feelings to it or those who participate. Keep the subject open for discussion and exhibit an interested, nonjudgmental attitude. She may be apprehensive at first, but many people warm up to the idea as they learn more about the lifestyle, its advantages and what it would mean to the relationship. Both participants in an open relationship must be agreeable to the situation for it to work. If you have an open relationship and she doesn’t, that is cheating. Cheating always ends badly.

The key to successfully approaching an open relationship is to know what you want and what your worth. If your position is well thought out and you know this is the lifestyle for you, you will appear as confident in your decisions as you feel. Women appreciate and are drawn to confidence. Let her know that you have the situation under control and your willing to share an exciting new life with her.

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