How The #metoo Movement Is Making It Harder to Find A Sex Buddy

Social norms change with the times. From feminism to the transgender community, the issues they face affects dating in different ways. Good and bad. Social issues, political stances, and religious opinions can come into the dating scene and either help or hurt the situation. These topics are best left for older, more established relationships. Getting into the them too early, and the first night is too early, can ruin the chances to ever find a sex buddy. One of the most recent examples of an issue affecting dating is the #MeToo movement. Anything empowering to women always turns out great for men sexually, but this movement has made it harder to find a sex buddy than one would think. Click Here to read about the rules to having a sex buddy

Men are Afraid to Make a Move

It’s a compliance issue. It has become satirical and been the subject of skits on Saturday Night Live. Daytime talk show hosts discuss it. Late night shows make jokes about it. Men are generally scared to make a move without absolute, blatant, almost written consent. You are afraid to even be alone with a female at work. Someone could lie, or even misunderstand some comment. It’s a scary world out there. So much so, many men are refusing to lunch with female executives alone at work, and forgoing any travel where women are involved. This is serious stuff which could lead to women facing even more discrimination as an unintentional backlash to the #MeToo movement.

Social Perspectives Change in the Blink of an Eye

It is so hard to know what is acceptable and what is social death in today’s world. Things can literally change overnight. Only a few years ago we were hearing about the swipe culture and how people were hooking up randomly with whomever they’ve connected with online. Today, that is considered a no-no in most circles. No one wants to purposely be offensive, but today it is hard to keep up and that makes it harder to find a sex buddy.

You Only Get One Chance to Find a Sex Buddy

Generally, when you are trying to find a sex buddy, you have your act together. You’re dressed right. You smell good. Your approach is more or less refined. The trouble is, you only get one good chance at convincing a woman you are the right guy for a sex buddy relationship. Saying the wrong thing, in the wrong context, can mean the death of any sex thing you may have had a chance at. The #MeToo movement can make it a little confusing when it comes to what to say and what not to. It isn’t always clear what is PC and what is offensive.

It is Harder to Get to Know Someone

You can’t really find a sex buddy if you don’t get to know someone. It is a much different relationship than a one-night stand. Date conversations have become increasingly shallow in an attempt to avoid anything that might be considered offensive or even inflammatory. We avoid risqué topics that could add some fun to the conversation in fear of hurting someone’s feelings. It takes longer to feel a person out and gage what kind of topics you can bring up than it used to. After enough time and interaction together, you begin to feel more comfortable opening up to each other but gone are the days when you could shoot from the hip without consequence.

It is Harder to Interpret Women’s Signals

In the most traditional of relationships, women tend to take a more passive role at the onset. We take flirting to be the first sign a woman is interested. There are many reasons a woman could be flirting with you, however, and you are supposed to figure it out. She may flirt with you now and ignore you two days later. She may have a boyfriend and just want some attention on a night out. It is difficult to find a sex buddy when you can’t tell if she is interested.

Each new social movement we experience comes with it’s good and bad repercussions. Change and growth cannot happen without some growing pains.

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