Can You Find A Sex Buddy On The Dating App Sapio?

Sapiosexual, have you hear that term? It is used to describe people who attracted to intelligence. This might seem a bit boring to some. Quite the contrary, sapiosexuals find the shared mutual interests and meaningful conversations highly sexy. A turn-on, if you will. A bond over a mutual interest is as enticing as any physical attraction to these folks. It isn’t as much about the IQ level as many would think. It is a deeper connection. In response to this rising sector of society, Kristin Tynski, one of the app’s cofounders, thinks users will still enjoy the aesthetically based swipe technology app. Just because intelligence is important to someone doesn’t mean looks and appearances are not. Here is why you can find a sex buddy on the dating app Sapio. >>DOWNLOAD SAPIO<<<

Find A Sex Buddy On Sapio With Their Technology

Sapio uses the same swipe-based technology as Tinder. You choose your matches based on a picture. You can click the photo to see the person’s profile and other pictures. Users can also choose to answer some of the 300 open-ended questions in the Question Explorer feature. You can connect with others using questions from the Achievements section or the Inside my Head Questions. Sapio is one of many recent dating apps coming out with a focus in some specialized area. While they are mostly all swipe-based, there is always a little something different or extra in the hope that it will catch on. There is no measure of IQ required to become a member, however. There is no scale of how intelligent a person is on their profile. It is just assumed that the members of the site are intelligent and attracted to other intelligent people.

Find A Sex Buddy On Sapio With Their Popularity

The site has been represented on such reputable publications as The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mashable, MacWorld and TNW. It may be just another app but its gaining ground. One reason for the sudden success is that people just enjoy the swipe dating technology. It’s easy. It is so easy that most every dating app since Tinder has adopted it. Something about that instant attraction that even sapiosexuals are affected by. The simplicity of simply swiping on a picture of a woman that interests you and knowing you got a pretty good chance that she will return the feeling is awesome. One thing the onset of dating apps has changed is we are no longer confined to dating people in our immediate area. Now, we can have a torrid affair with someone from across the globe, across the country, or across town.

Find A Sex Buddy On Sapio Using Your Intelligence

This is more for a real-life relationship than anything short term. The people who join this site have already searched their soul far enough to realize that it is intellectual people that trip their trigger the most. They have realized that a guy who is smarter than the average bear tends to be the one she’s most attracted to in the long run. This women-ran app tries hard to make searching for love online a more integrated and effortless experience by adding a deeper level of connection to the app. Dreams, hopes, ambitions and fears are all represented on Sapio, giving a better chance at finding someone you are truly attracted to, making for the perfect sex buddy!

Find A Sex Buddy On Sapio By Challenging Yourself

According to app co-founder, entrepreneur and Harvard Business Review columnist Kelsey Libert, the app is designed with a game-challenging format to improve on the biggest problems people have with online dating sites and apps. A recent study showed current online daters are completely bored with the offerings of late and are looking for a different kind of experience. They polled over 500 people and over half were sick of the current online dating scene. One standard problem was named time and again; women get too many messages and men don’t get enough.

Overall, the Sapio dating app has real potential for finding a sex buddy and is already a user hit in New York, where it was first launched. While it will be next to impossible to develop a perfect online dating app, this one hits all the high spots and even invented a few new ones. There is no doubt you can find casual sex or a sex buddy on Sapio although it is more geared toward long, serious relationships. Just keep that in mind and be up-front with anyone you meet on the app.

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