Help Your Open Relationship / Sex Buddy, Avoid the Walk of Shame

Help Your Open Relationship Sex Buddy Avoid the Walk of ShameAh, the open relationship walk of shame… It’s a stroll that no guy wants to take. Unfortunately, it’s one that all too many men in open relationships experience. If you want to avoid a world of embarrassment and the endless explaining you’ll have to do, you need to safeguard yourself by taking the necessary steps to protect your privacy long before it becomes an issue.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Everyone loves to talk, and one of our favorite subjects in which to indulge is our sex lives. However, this can get sticky in an open relationship. It’s best to keep your private life private. Don’t share too much information with your buddies, and if you do talk about it, keep it as anonymous as possible. As in, don’t tell them her name. It’s also a good idea to talk about privacy at the beginning of your open relationship, too. Let the woman you’re hooking up with know that you’re a private person, and you’d prefer to keep whatever goes on between the two of you to yourselves. Of course, you can’t control whether or not she talks to her girlfriends about it, but if you don’t ask, you’ll have no right to object if she does.

Try to Pick Women Who Aren’t Emotionally Unstable

A lot of guys like to joke around about crazy chicks being better in bed. I’m not going to comment on whether there’s any truth to that statement or not. All I’m going to tell you is that there’s no sex that is worth the fallout from trying to have an open relationship with someone who is mentally unstable. If she seems like she could become obsessive, or if she’s prone to emotional outburst or extreme behavior, just don’t go there. If she gets pissed off, jealous, or goes off on you for reasons only she can comprehend, she can (and will) cause a huge amount of pain and embarrassment for you. Picking a woman like this is the equivalent of paying someone to put up a giant billboard in your neighborhood that says something awful about you.


Keep Your Open Relationship Separate from the Rest of Your Life

The more people you involve in your open relationship, the more likely it is that you’ll find yourself enduring a torturous walk of shame at some point in the future. Don’t hang out with her friends or invite her to hang out with yours. Whatever you do, don’t introduce her to your family. Don’t bring her to the company picnic. Sure, it can be fun to have a girl to take to these kinds of things, but is it worth it in the end? If everyone ends up hating her, you’ll catch endless flack for that. If they all end up loving her, good luck explaining things when you eventually break it off. If things don’t end on a positive note, it’s entirely possible that people from your life will side with her, and you could lose relationships that really matter to you.

Be Careful About How You End Things

In an open relationship, how things end is just as important as how they begin. In order to avoid the post-breakup walk of shame, do your best to be a decent guy about how you cut things off. Be clear, but kind. Try to soften the blow by making it about you, not her (and definitely not about another woman). The best approach is something benign that she can’t really argue with. If you tell her that the pressure at work has cranked up considerably, and you just don’t have the time or energy with your current stress levels, how can she dispute that? But if you tell her it’s because the sex got boring and you’re just not that into her, it’s personal. If you piss her off or hurt her feelings terribly, there’s a much higher chance that she’s going to retaliate by taking the breakup public in ways that portray you in a less than flattering light. There’s no guarantee that by handling the breakup kindly she won’t do this anyway, but it lessens the chances considerably.

Rest assured that most open relationships don’t end in a walk of shame. The ones that do usually could have been avoided with some forethought. If you follow these rules, the chances that you’ll find yourself having to explain your way out of an ugly situation is quite low. You definitely shouldn’t let it stop you from enjoying the perks of open relationships. It’s not like a monogamous relationship would save you from the possibility. Think about all of the committed relationships you’ve seen come to an end. You can probably think of more than a few that got nasty and resulted in some public pain and humiliation, right? No one is immune, but at least if the end of your open relationships sucks, the rest of it probably won’t. Most people in monogamous relationships can’t claim the same.

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