5 Smooth Ways To Invite Her Back For Sex

5 Smooth Ways To Invite Her Back For SexIt doesn’t really matter if the girl is someone you’ve dated seriously, a long time fuck buddy or just a one-night stand. If you are looking for sex, you want to ask her back to your place in the smoothest, most cool manner possible. You want to take her by surprise with your wit and warmth. You want to sweep her off her feet with your polished personality and urbane existence. That isn’t easy to do in this day and age of Google. Smooth come-ons are as easy to come by as pizza parlor directions. A guy needs a hand up these days when it comes to original lines and snappy come-ons. While success in this arena takes a certain amount of natural ability and aestheticism, having a few smooth moves under your belt can’t hurt. Here are five smooth ways to invite her back for sex.

Ask Her if She Wants to See Your Paintings

This an old tried and true ploy but it works. It doesn’t have to necessarily be paintings. Use anything that you two have a shared interest in that she may want to see. It could be an old record collection, comic books or even your pet. This maneuver even works when it isn’t something you have a shared interest in. Anything of interest can work. Have an unusual collection? It would be hard for any girl to turn down a look at the city’s biggest Pez dispenser collection or your 4 potato chips that resemble the heads on Mt. Rushmore. Even better if you have an expansive art or movie collection because you spend hours perusing it. This also works if you have a specific skill you can show her at home such as computer skills or an extensive at-home gym. Basically, anything you have at home that is worth showing off can possibly work as bait to get her to your house for deep intimate conversation.

The Nightcap

Offering her a nightcap can often get her back to your place. She will know what you have in mind but the offer of a cocktail or coffee after a night on the town is cordial and polite. It shows respect while simultaneously signaling interest and desire. It also gives you a quiet and cozy place to get acquainted after a noisy night on the town. Since she will know what your offering when you ask, she will have a bit of power and feel more confident. That will help to make her feel comfortable and realize how interested in her you really are.

Spill Something

A stain on either one’s clothing means a quick trip back to the house for some seltzer water and a little dish soap. Click Here for the best way to get a stain off your clothes. If it’s your clothes that are stained, you can let her know how important it is to look nice for her. If that doesn’t seem to be working tell her it is uncomfortable and smelly/wet/sticky and you need to change. If it’s her clothes, you can express concern for her expensive attire and claim exclusive stain reducing knowledge passed down by you mother and granny. You’ll not only get her back to your place but impart a feeling of familial closeness about you. Never hurts.

The View

If you’re lucky enough to have a spectacular view from your balcony back porch or barnyard, invite her to see it. She will enjoy a glimpse into your private life and a gorgeous view is something very woman likes. It helps to have a comfortable and aesthetic area already in place in order to properly take in the stunning view.

Hold a Meeting

You can get her back to your place for sex before she even knows what hit her when you schedule some type of meeting she is likely to attend at your place. It could be something she sells like Tupperware, sex toys or insurance. Go another route and have a book club meeting, a wine tasting, or cooking class. Serve cocktails and appetizers. When she offers to stay and help you clean up, take her up on it. When you’re having that good-bye cocktail is when the real party will begin.

These are some variations on very old ideas that have existed between men and women since recorded history. The smoothest ways of all to get her back to you place is to get her to think of it herself. Pay close attention to her all evening and make plenty of eye contact. Give plenty of subtle hints about how your feeling in the things you say as well as do. Make sure you have plenty of time to get the idea across. Give her a lot of time to think about what is happening and more importantly, what could happen later. If you have played your cards correctly and your game is tight, she will approach you and set up the night.

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